Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Happy Birthday My Dear Son

Celebrating Afzal's 1st birthday in Oregon, USA.

Happy Birthday my son.....Today, you would have turned 27. As always, we would celebrate it among family- Andi, Aiysha and me, because Atiqah and Papa are in K.K, maybe joined by a few other family members. But of course Papa would be the first to wish you at 12.01am, taking pains to wait up just so he could be the first to wish you. I would patiently wait for morning, giving you a birthday hug and wishing you before I go off to work, then sending sms to everyone to remind them oft your birthday.

Your favourite cake is chocolate cake, or chocolate cheese cake! That would have been your birthday cake. But then, when we last celebrated your birthday, you were already on a special diet and these normal cakes are out! Atiqah baked you special organic cupcakes, with onlyingredients that you could take....complete with its chocolate peanut butter frosting! You did not expect we could pull off a birthday cake and was delightfully surprisedwhen we came down the stairs bearing the cupcakes......It's a memory I will treasure always - your last birthday.

Happy Birthday my son, may Allah grant you the best place possible, among those deserving His love and rewards......Mama Afzal.

Afzal's 26th birthday celebration with the family in Seri Petaling.