Monday, 12 October 2015

Thank you Allah for choosing me to be his mother.....

Today is your would have been 31 years old.
Not one day has passed without you in my thoughts. Your smile, your words, your actions, your love. I miss them all. People say, " time heals ", "you will learn to forget ", "it will get better with time ", but that is not so when it comes to your child.

I seek solace with al-mighty Allah every time missing you becomes too painful to bear. But I also claim the priviledge of being your mother, to miss you forever.... I keep seeing your beautiful life stories in my mind, reminding me that your place in my heart cannot be replaced.

When the still night arrives and everyone else is fast asleep, that's when you come back to my dreams, smiling, loving and always my sweet Afzal.....May Allah look after you , embracing you with His love and acceptance as one of those chosen to enjoy his garden....................Mama Afzal