Friday, 3 July 2009

Sesi Penghargaan

Assalamualaikum wbt

5 weeks ago, on this day, I had my 12th and last chemotherapy. It might have been quite a while now, but the whole experience of battling against the drugs is still vividly clear in my head, as if it has only happened yesterday.

Alhamdulillah, I am gradually picking up my level of fitness as days go by, thanks to the easily accessible swimming pool and gymnasium in my university. Contrary to my initial perception that people undergoing chemotherapy usually loses weight, I have actually gained almost 7kg over the past 6 months (dun wori, takdelah nampak bulat sangat =)

It's not that this weight gain is bothering me, rather it makes me feel blessed. Blessed that during the 6-months time when I was having my treatment, the people of Sheffield has played their part in helping out.

Today, as I was perusing through my inbox , I saw this email, sent about 4 months ago which reminds me just how thoughtful Malaysians in Sheffield are.


Assalamualaikum & salam sejahtera kawan-kawan,:D

Sebagaimana yang telah kita tahu,kini saudara Mas Afzal sedang menjalani rawatan chemotheraphy dan amat memerlukan sokongan kita.

Jadi,beberapa minggu lepas, saya telah menghantar email secara personal kepada beberapa orang ahli smsa di kawasan Broomhall menanyakan kesudian mereka memasak dan menghantar makanan kepadauntuk saudara Mas Afzal.

Di bawah saya sertakan jadual giliran memasak pada mereka yang telah membalas email saya









Not forgetting my dearest housemates especially Mr Chef Khairuddin aka M, and my neighbor Kak Lida for always dropping by to offer some of the foods that she had cook.

To all these people above, and their fellow housemates, I only have Allah to thank each and every one of you. May Allah allow all of you the opportunity to enjoy the reward of your deeds in Khurfat-ul-Jannah, the fruit garden of heaven, as has been mentioned by the Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him) for the people who visit and look after the sick.

This Monday at 1030am, I am due to be in Northern General Hospital for my next PET Scan. I'm assuming that the options possible once the result is up will either be :

i) Declared cancer-free and thus only occasional follow-ups in the clinic
ii) Further chemotherapy/ consider radiotherapy if localized

Insya Allah, whatever the outcome will be, I will need to tell myself that it is part of Allah's plannings for His servants and put my sheer reliance (tawakkal) on it.

Before I conclude, I'd just like to share with you a beautiful hadeeth that was forwarded to me from a very special friend of mine.

The magnitude of otherworldly reward is proportionate to the magnitude of worldly tribulation. When God loves a people, He tries them. Whoever is content will have divine pleasure. Whoever is displeased will have divine wrath. [ At-Tirmidzi]



Azlan @ ABN said...

Mas pun ade blog rupanya. baru hari tau.

Anonymous said...

mcm mana dgn results PET Scan?

Mas Afzal said...

PET Scan punya result belum dapat lagi. Esok (Rabu 8 Julai 09) ada appointment dengan Consultant jam 3pm, mungkin akan bincang result PET Scan kalau dah siap insya Allah.

Doakan kesudahan yang baik.

farizahisa said...

Dear Afzal,
Actually when you were in Malaysia we kind of noticed that you've gained some weight..haha, its a good sign..naik lagi ke??
Hopefully the catscan results will turn out okay, we'll pray for you!!

Mak Teh

farizahisa said...

wei silap la..petscan!!

zaid said...

salam bro, rupa2nya anta ada blog ek..! hehe saje jer google mas afzal.. tengok2 ada kluar blog ni... masyaAllah, la yukallifullahu nafsan illa wus'aha.. (pesanan buat diri sendiri jugak)