Thursday, 22 July 2010

Losing a friend

I firstly would like to apologize for not posting any entries in my blog for the past 2 weeks. Not that I have lost the enthusiasm to write, or that time has been running rather tight lately. My health has not been at its best recently, and given the lymphoma I suffer from, it is understandably more difficult for the body to starve off any infections as compared to a healthy person. Sickness is always an opportunity for the cleansing of the sinful soul, and I pray that Allah forgives me for the wrongdoings I have committed.

Two days back, my heart wrenched with sheer sadness having heard that one of our fellow cancer fighter, Kak Dalilah Tamrin has passed on. Almarhumah Kak Dalilah, famously known for her Onebreastbouncing blogspot, will always be a person every cancer sufferers look up to for source of strength and motivation. Almarhumah died of breast cancer.

The one thing I will always remember of arwah Kak D was when she emailed to me a document containing the verses in the Quran that should be read by cancer sufferers as a form of remedy (shifaa'). During then, we had never met or known each other personally, yet having found out about my blog, she took the 'responsibility' to share. In Arwah Kak D, I found the marks of a true friend.

Losing a fellow cancer fighter is never easy to swallow for any of us with similar predicament. Cliche it may sound, her lost was similar to losing a fellow comrade in a war against your enemy. And losing Kak D, in particular, was almost like losing the one soldier you bet against faltering in any battle, the strongest soldier in your batallion. Her loss, somehow tainted the strong hope every cancer fighter has on battling against their disease, affecting our fortitude and perseverance.

To the family of almarhumah Kak D, many condolences and may Allah grant all of you the patience of a Mukmin (believer). Indeed, the passing on of Kak D serves to remind us yet again that death is a MUST for each and every one of us, and woe to those who remain oblivious to his/her preparation for the Hereafter having heard and seen such a clear SIGN from Allah. May we not fall into such traps, naudzubillah.

For such loss, never forget to say "Innalillahi wainna ilaihi rojiuun', reminding ourselves that we all belong to Allah and it is to Him indeed that we shall return. Emulating the story of Ummu Salamah (one of Prophet Muhammad's wife) as recorded in Tafsir Ibn Kathir, one should not forget to supplicate the du'a below whenever they are tested with the lost of their loved ones.

اللَّهُمَّ أْجُرْنِي فِي مُصِيبَتِي وأَخْلِفْ لِي خَيْرًا مِنْهَا

"Allahumma ajurnii fii musibatii wakhlifli khoironminha." [O Allah! Reward me for my loss and give me what is better than it.]

Ummu Salamah recited the du'a having heard the news of the death of her husband, Abu Salamah. By Allah's will, the loss of her husband was later compensated with a person better than she could ever imagine. It was the Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him. SubhanAllah.

To Arwah Kak D, the lost of you shall remind me that my time will eventually come too, and I hope that both of us will meet each other in Jannah, insha Allah. And to the family of arwah Kak D, may Allah reward all of you with what is better than the loss.



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rhapsody LiN said...


lin pn rasa bnde yg sama bila dgr berita org yg sakit mcm lin 'pergi'

uchnanabanana said...

i really didnt know about it, i know puan dalilah in person cause she came to our campus once and she gave a really inspiring talk. and she remembered me cause i emailed her personally to know more about what she went thru. masyaAllah, Allah loves her still speechless actually. may Allah give strength to the family to go thru this ordeal insyaAllah and may all of us see her in jannah insyaallah.


yatibahar said...

Sedih juga atas permergian D, infact we planned to visit her last Friday tapi tak jadi sebab sms dia x jawab, takut she's not ready to receive visitors. Our time will come too, cepat ke lambat, Allah swt aje yg tau. Jadi kena selalu bersedia...

Anonymous said...


This is my first comment.

I knew RG via her blog and since then had been following her entries and dropped comments here and there.I wept silently when I came to know of RG's demise. am still feeling sad.

Banyakkan doa dan dekatkan diri kepada Allah. Allah selalu dekat kepada kita.

May we have a blessed Jumaat.

Rafiah (from Singapore)

Anonymous said...


All the more reason why we should strive harder to LIVE....for we never know how much more borrowed time we have left...both for those inflicted with life threatening diseases and those supposedly healthy ones....

As for me...I thank Allah everyday for allowing me to enjoy My Afzal...Alhamdullillah...mama

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noor said...

Assalamualaikum Afzal,
I met Allahyarhamah RG on a few bloggers' meet at KJ and the Curve, and was sad to hear of her passing. Innalillahi wa innalillahi rajiun and al-fatihah.
I'm one of your mama's friends of UM Class of '80 and may or may not have met you when you were little.
Reading your postings leave me with feelings of admiration for your strength and gratitude for Allah's blessings.
May you and your family treasure each and everyday together, as I will with mine, InsyaAllah.
Aunty Baiti

huurun ain said...

Al-fatihah to Kak D. I just knowing her from your blog. All of us will face death. Lets pray to Allah that we have more time to do more ibadah & repent our sins. If I can always remind myself that our Prophet (peace be upon him) also feel the pain of sakaratulmaut even he was ma'sum from sins...May Allah guides us always in His right path

Anonymous said...

Al fatihah to Kak D
maybe you should read this blog
(alternative way to fight wtih tumour)
hope it can help you :)

Anonymous said...

Salam Bro Mas.
If I may ask, is it Allahumma ajirnii or arjurnii? The arabic version is written as ajurnii so I'm a bit confused there. I'd like to practice the beautiful doa :)

Al-fatihah for allahyarhamah..

Mas Afzal Masarudin said...

Thanks for highlighting it out. Insha Allah, in reference to the Arabic quote, it is indeed Allahumma ajurni rather than Allahumma ajirnii. Wallahua'lam.