Monday, 13 February 2012

Happy Birthday, Andi.........

Mentor and mentee?

Mas Affendi, aka Andi is Afzal's eldest brother - my first born! Unlike Jep who can be an open book at times and Afzal a true blue fighting spirit, Andi is a bit mysterious because he does not reveal much. I am sure Jep and Afzal must have had a tough time at school because Andi was a tough act to follow. He excelled in both academics and co-curricular activities. I can imagine how it must have been for his two little brothers when their teachers found out Andi was their big guessed it - they were expected to excell too. His reputation became the driving force for both Jep and Afzal, pressuring them to do well at school.

Andi accompanied Afzal to watch Maher Zain perform at UIA in 2010.

I suppose being a first born can be very difficult because there's nobody to confide in other than the adults and there can be times when adults may not understand enough. By the time Jep and Afzal were old enough to become his confidantes, so many things have already happened in Andi's life, and there are also so many things he wanted but did not happen.

Sweet memories at Lake District- July 2009.

......Today, as you celebrate your birthday, my son, regard all that you have gone through as your lessons in life and all those things that did not happen as things not meant for you, just as Allah has planned. But nevertheless, the future holds so much potential for someone like you. Afzal had the opportunity to spread his wings and explore that potential by being on his own. Jep is living that potential now as he ventures into parenthood. My prayer for you is that you choose wisely and as Afzal always said..."never give up".

Mama's boys(minus one...).



mai said...

i'm the eldest too. yes, sometimes it quite hard being the eldest. there are too much expectation that somehow i feel like 'urrrgggh'.huhu.besides, being the eldest sometimes quite boring. don't know who to share our problem or story with.huuhu.auntie, you are too strong. you've got my respect.:D

DrNotts said...

happy birthday andi!

rozie said...

salam ter nampak muka auntie dlm satu rancangan tv mengenai kitar semula..adakah itu auntie?:)

actually, i am right-brained person - i do recognize faces..even at a glance:) so i recalled so quick..that this is the mother of allahyarham akhi mas afzal.

nway, may u be in good health for continuous amal jariah, auntie.

salam ukhuwwah

Anonymous said...

W'salam Rozie,

It could very well have been me because Kitar Semula is an activity carried out either by Jabatan Pengurusan Sisa Pepejal or Perbadanan Pengurusan Sisa Pepejal, which are both under Ministry of Housing n Local Government, where I am attached.

Very observant of u...take care!

AlonGarcia said...

being the eldest is really something.Andi,good luck on your quest to look for the special one~