Friday, 24 April 2009

Important times ahead..


10th dose : 27th April 2009 (Monday)
Finals (OSCE) : 12th May 2009 (Tuesday)
Finals (MEQ) : 14th May 2009 (Thursday)
11th dose : 15th May 2009 (Friday)

*OSCE = Objective Structured Clinical Examination
**MEQ = Modified Essay Question

I remembered vividly how I made use of every 'healthy' minute I had to prepare for the previous big exam back in January. As the exams back then were just written assessments, my preparation wasn't hugely affected as all I needed to do was to ensure that I read as much as possible, and do plenty of practice papers. But for this coming OSCE, I'm starting to really feel the disadvantage of missing so much of my clinical placements.

Those accustomed to OSCE would agree that the key to passing the exam is plenty of practice in history taking and examinations. But for your final OSCE, it's not just merely being slick with your history taking and examination skills, it's also the ability to identify what's wrong with the patients. And that, is mostly obtained from the experiences you gather by seeing as many patients as possible.


Overall, I've missed 6 weeks of placement as a result of my treatment. And there is only 12 weeks of clinical placement between the end of January till my finals. I must say that that is a lot of clinical opportunities I've missed there but I keep on telling myself that I'm not gonna raise the white flag now, having come thus far.

Today, I've just finished my last clinical placement as a medical student. Officially, we have another 5 days of placement next week but I'll miss them due to my treatment this coming Monday. This week was rather hectic for me, as there were so many forms and assessments that had to be sorted out, all of which can only be done when I'm in my healthy week. But alhamdulillah, Allah has made the path easy with His will. Although I must admit it wasn't easy, I've finally managed to sort out everything that needs to be handed in to the medical school prior to my finals.

What lays ahead remains to be seen. I wish I can put some revision in even when I'll be knocked out next week, but I know it's gonna be difficult. The last 2 chemo I had have shown that my body took more time than usual to recover, usually the whole week rather than just 4-5 days. By the time I recover from the next one, I will have less than a week before the finals! SubhanAllah.

Some might wonder why am I suddenly whining so much in this entry, some might even say this is not the Mas they use to know. I just wanted to highlight the sheer difficulties I have to go through as a result of the illness I suffer from. Not for all of you out there to sympathize with, but rather as a reminder about the blessings of good health that Allah has endowed to each and every one of you.

Masa sihat sebelum sakit. Banyaknya benda saya tak dapat buat bila dah sakit ni. So many things I've missed out because of my illness.

Ibn Abbas (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, "There are two blessings in which many people incur loss. (They are) health and free time (for doing good)". [Al-Bukhari]

Have we really used the blessings of good health enough to prepare our accounts for the Hereafter? Or have the time being spent in the disobedience of Allah? Thus face the severe consequence on the Day of Judgement!

Ya Allah, kini baru kurasa betapa aku tak menghargai nikmat sihatmu!

Allahhumma inni astaodeeuka ma qara’tu wama hafaz-tu. Faradduhu ‘allaya inda hagati elayhi. Innaka ‘ala ma-tasha’-u qadeer wa anta hasbeeya wa na’mal wakeel.

[Oh Allah! I entrust You with what I have read and I have studied. (Oh Allah!) Bring it back to me when I am in need of it. (Oh Allah!) You do whatever You wish, and You are my Availer and Protector and the best of aid.]


p/s: Happy birthday dear Kak Fifah, many happy returns. May we all strive to become better Muslims insya Allah!


Anonymous said...

jazakallahu khairan ya akhi.

your writings have insipred me.

your brother in islam

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum wbth,

Humans are a forgetful lot...but there's a blessing in that because there are things better forgotten than remaining fresh in your minds, like the pain of giving birth.

There are times when I wished we can turn back the clock so that I can redo some things. It is always after you have lost something that you learn to appreciate them.

We pray Allah will continue to shower you with blessings and you will sail through your OSCE and MEQ like all your other endeavours.....mama.

JeP said...

I have every ounce of faith that you'll be able to pull it off. You've shown excellent progress from Day One and now that you're reaching the end, I wish you all the strength to strive through.

In times of doubt and weakness, you always have your posters on the four walls of your room to remind you that Allah does not bestow challenges on His servants anything they can't handle. I remember one of the most invaluable verse I read before was;

"..there is nothing hard but what Allah makes hard for us, and there is nothing easy that comes our way other than that Allah makes easy.."

..or to other definitions of the kind, but that's how I remembered it by.

When push comes to shove, I'm sure you'll find it in you to give it your best shot. It isn't through the hardest of challenges that we learn the most. Whatever it is, we're always be behind you giving you all the support you need. I may not be there to personally see you through but my thoughts and prayers are always abundant on you.

It'll be a hard few weeks to come I agree, but if we've learned anything the last four months - is that when you put your mind and faith into it, you can achieve anything you want.

Warmest regards from Bundoora, Melbourne.

farizahisa said...

All the best!! Allah will guide can do it!!
Mak Teh et al

Anonymous said...


The person I love "enlightened" me about Barakah ... If we endure everything with ikhlas and redha (as what you have went through all these while), Insya Allah, He will grant you lots of Barakah ... With this Barakah everything will be easy and smooth for you including your finals... May Allah bless you in every breath ... amiin ...