Wednesday, 17 December 2008

1. Istikhara.

"O Allah, shall I do it, or shall I leave it, and risk myself a challenging future ahead?"

It's time to decide. I need to make the phone call.

Me : I am having second thoughts on the procedure. I have given it a long thought, and I feel that I will give it a miss. I'm sorry.

X : That is perfectly reasonable. You have all our support. We shall just cancel the appointment then.

Hmm. That was one of the most difficult decisions I've ever had to make for myself. Testing times lie ahead. For sure.

All I need is to convince myself that Allah has His plans for me. Hasbuk. That is all I need to know, and adhere to.

2. Text message :


Your bone marrow has come back as clear. Regards, Dr M****y.


3. Rezeki dari pintu yang tak disangka-sangka...

My beloved 'adik-adik' from 76 Victoria Street (5 mins walk from my house) came to visit. Brought along 'sup kambing', which by the looks of it, is sure to whet anyone's appettite. Syukran ya syabab!

4. Ya Allah, hebatnya nusrahMu!

Received a call from Ust Erfino, the MSD Education Attachee. Such humility by a person high in the ranks of the UK-Eire Malaysian Students Department. Ustaz, thanks for your help with the accomodation in London. That was so helpful, if only you know how thankful I am! Looking forward to see you again in Sheffield soon.

SubhanAllah, what a day.

Betul jugak kata orang, keputusan kita hari ini boleh mencorakkan kehidupan kita esok, lusa dan selama-lamanya.

But when you have made a decision, turn to Allah. Have tawakkal to Allah. O Allah, how beautiful is Your religion.


dr_luv82 said...

We r all praying to Allah for the best

rozita said...

Salaam Afzal,
May the blessings of Allah be with you always. Our prayers are for you. I know you are strong and remember that Allah works mysteriously. There are reasons for everything.Its His way of showing love to us. Pasrah ...

This is a message from Ainul (she typed and composed it herself):

dear abang afzal. when you come back to malaysia? i hope you will be better soon.

Mas Afzal said...

Andi and maktam,

Thanks for the prayers and support. I will try and keep everyone updated about my treatment insya Allah.

Cik Ainul..

Dah pandai pakai internet yek? Selalu-selalulah singgah blog abang Afzal yek, bagi komen banyak-banyaaak! =)

Anonymous said...

InsyaAllah, until now n now on. Lets we pray for mas afzal.....

Bila Cik Daisy Dee Bersuara said...

i cant continue read this blog.. i feel so sad.. i cry even i dont know who is he.. smoge ALLAH mencucuri rahmat ke ats arwah.. moge ditempatkan disisi mereka yg beriman~ amin..