Monday, 9 February 2009

Afflictions in life

Assalamualaikum wbt

It had been another testing one week battling myself out from the side effects of the drugs. I have a feeling my body's resistance against the cytotoxic drugs is gradually crumbling with every dose. I can bear with the lethargy, but less able with the nausea. Insya Allah we can only hope and pray that this week promises a much brighter outlook before I then prepare myself for another big battle come next Monday.

With Jep no longer around to prepare me foods during the time I'm down and out, Abg Azhar and M have kindly taken over the responsibility. Alhamdulillah, two very good brothers of mine, Pisang and Shahnom have also dropped by occasionally, offering their sumptuous cookings (they really were!). May they both pass their recently concluded exams with flying colours, insya Allah.

By the way, I was quite shocked to find out that another Malaysian in Sheffield who is currently warded in Hallamshire, has been diagnosed with a lymphoma-like disease (I was told that it is ?vascular lymphoma). I'm not entirely sure as to the exact nature of the person's condition, and I have not had the opportunity myself to pay a visit due to my own battle with the chemo's side effects. She has had her first chemotherapy two days ago. I was made to know that her condition is far more complex than yours truly, with reportedly significant liver damage and possible bone marrow involvement.

I had the opportunity to speak to her parents when I visited Abg Safuan's house yesterday evening, the place where they are currently staying at the moment (they have just arrived from Malaysia last Saturday). They understandably are still finding it hard to grasp what exactly is going on with their daughter, and I pray that Allah will instill in their heart the sakeenah and strength to face such a big adversity facing their way. I certainly feel obliged to try and play my role as best as possible, knowing that I, coincidentally, am in the same boat as their daughter, though relatively less complicated than hers. To all those reading this entry, please do not forget to wish her in your dua's, and may Allah reward her a speedy recovery.

Afflictions are one of the beautiful ways from Allah to test His creatures. And to help purify themselves from the continuous sins they commit day in, day out.

Abu Hurayra reported that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, "Affliction will continue to trouble the believers, men and women, in their bodies, their families, and their property until they meet Allah Almighty purified of every wrong action."

Believe firmly in what Allah has promised via the Qur'an and through His beloved Prophet, and you'll get that inner strength that will help you through the difficult patches of life.

"...and who is more true in fulfilling his promise than Allah?" [At-Taubah:111]


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dr_luv82 said...

Another thing that i believe He is trying to show us is that we should be constantly vigilant, anything can happen to anyone at anytime, if He wills it...
Our dua's will definitely include her, and all our brothers and sisters...