Monday, 2 February 2009

4 down, 8 to go...

Assalamualaikum wbt

Recognizing the looming likelihood of getting another KO with the 4th dose quite soon, I might as well post a quick entry regarding my latest chemo.

Alhamdulillah, in general, the whole day went well and I could not have asked for more. The nurse got the cannulae in with her first attempt(this time I offered my left arm as I think it's time to give my right arm a deserved break after the previous three doses =). They also managed to get the drugs from Weston Park hospital relatively early this time around, and the whole thing finished by 345pm. Excellent job guys!

I certainly missed my nasi goreng telur for lunch, but at least Yusuf Ghumra was kind enough to drop by from his placement in the Urology Department to give me some hot foods and a Walkers crisp. Rezeki yang tak disangka-sangka. That further reinforces my belief of the endless love that Allah showers to His servants. How Gracious and Merciful is He. SubhanAllah.

Other than receiving visitors later in the afternoon (Shahnom and Furqan came over from the masjid), I've thankfully brought my laptop along to keep myself occupied throughout the day. Or else it would have been a horrendously long, long day.

Oh yup, Jep, you know you really should have stayed for my 4th dose. Ever wondered why?

These pictures were taken on my way home from the hospital today. Jep, tough luck mate. =)

Salam sayang to everyone back home. 4 down, 8 to go insya Allah.

Allahumma 'afini fi badani [O Allah! Strengthen my body]
Allahumma 'afini fi sam'i [O Allah! Strengthen my hearing]
Allahumma 'afini fi basori [O Allah! Strengthen my sight]

p/s: Maktam, I love Ainul's pictures with the Palestinian scarf! Get her a placard and organize a peaceful demonstration at her school! =)


JeP said...

Talk about having the worst luck of all. Waiting for a month, only to miss it by days! Takpela, bungkus dlm plastik je snow tu bawak balik Msia.

Good to hear that everything went well this time around. Did you get that male nurse with the deep voice? He was quite good last time. Well, at least you got discharged before dark today. I remember the last time we could only walk home at 430pm.

Ko ada susun tak balik majalah2 kat wad mcm aku selalu buat tadi? huhuhuhu...Mlm ni aku nak masak tomyam, teringat last time aku masak kat dapur dulu.

Anyways, trying days lie ahead. I wish you all the strength and willpower to sail through. Keep us updated chemoboy! :)

dr_luv82 said...


I was rather surprised with Jep's tomyam. I hate to admit it but it tasted good. I guess all we have to do is send people to live overseas where eating out is expensive and they'll transform into instant chefs.
Glad to know everything went well. It was naturally smart of you to offer the other arm. Lucky you've been given time off to recuperate. Rest well bro.

Anonymous said...

May Allah help u brother and all Muslims in bad times pray for me too as we are having difficult times here in Pakistan