Saturday, 21 March 2009

4 more, and I am to finish strong!

Assalamualaikum wbt

I guess by now the whole world has heard the news about Jade Goody and her battle against cervical cancer. Her spirit to make sure she does not die without giving it a good fight.

As the ward I have my treatment in is shared between haematological and rheumatological patients, I noticed that rarely have I been in a situation where there are more than two patients having chemotherapy within the ward at the same time. Which means that most of the time when I'm in the ward, I'll be the only one in for a chemotherapy.

But my last treatment a week ago was different. There were coincidentally 3 of us having chemotherapy on the same day. Myself, and two other ladies, both of whom I think are around their 30s. And both of them are also quite some way down the line with regards to their treatment, judging from their appearance, and the conversation between the two of them.

I wasn't in the mood to strike a chat as I was battling against my sickness all day long. But I learned quite a lot just listening to them sharing personal experiences of their respective conditions. I even nodded and grinned now and again, especially when they talk about their personal account of the side effects of chemotherapy that I myself experience.

But what I want to highlight is the unbelievably inspiring attitude these two ladies adopt against their cancer. I don't intend to elaborate over what has been discussed, but rather suffice for me to say that this one particular remark caught me by surprise.

"Even if I am to die from this cancer, I am gonna make sure that I finish strong."


May Allah give her the hidayah insya Allah. She certainly has an attitude every Muslim should try to emulate and practice in life. To make sure that even when all odds seem to be stacked against you, you will ensure that you fight till the end. Doa and prayers are a must, but it has to come with an effort, and the right attitude. Now that, is what Islam call as a true definition of TAWAKKAL.

And the guy in this video, reminds me again of the remark by that lady.

Who knows, I might see her again during one of my future sessions insya Allah.

Innamal A'maalu Bil Khawatim.
"Actions will be judged at their end." [Sahih ibn Hibban]

My test feels so daunting now, but I want to make sure I finish strong. Insya Allah.


p/s: Having said all those inspiring things above, I still want to say this -> Susahnyer hidupku dengan nausea ni huhu...


JeP said...

I do think that you can definitely finish strong! We always have your best wishes in our prayers, and everyone back home's anxiously awaiting for that day when you finally return to Malaysia - so that they can say how proud they are for you.

Such an ordeal we could only experience through your rantings and writings, but we indeed falter in our dire thoughts of just how hard it is for you. It's good that in tough times as these, you look onto others of similar fate for inspiration. Sometimes it is in these ways that God helps us; when we're in our utmost dubiety He will never forsake us of His love, even when shown in the most uncanny ways.

It is with the hardest of journeys, that makes the end just so sweet.

Salam from Bundoora, mate!

PakTam said...

Assalamu`alaikum wm.

You HAVE been strong and you WILL remain strong, insya Allah. Think of it as the 100m sprint. Dah dekat nak abis tu, sprint la. That's when you garner the energy to reach the finish line.

Minta Allah beri kekuatan dan semangat macam yang Dia beri pada Afzal panjat bukit untuk pegi solat Jumaat. Biasanya Allah beri kekuatan dan semangat ni lebih lagi semasa kita sakit berbanding dengan semasa kita sihat, dengan syarat kita ingatkan Dia. Kat sini, orang sihat pun rasa berat nak pegi solat Jumaat juz bcoz hujan lebat...

You take good care of yourself!

p/s: hari ni, 16 years ago (26.03.1993, on 2nd Syawal) I got married to MakTam!


PakTam said...

... ala.. lupa nak sambung tadi. And masa bersanding tu (kat Taman Melewar), you were right in front of the pelamin, tersengih-sengih sambil tunjuk the "good" sign. Ingat..?

Andi said...

any memories of Afzal pre-1998 makes me smile and laugh inside... it is kind of bad in a sense but it's hard to believe that he wasn't always slim... hahahaha

Mas Afzal said...

Salaam everyone!

Jep -> I myself can't wait to see everyone back home this summer. The thought of seeing everyone again after what has happened for the past few months is something that is strongly driving me to persevere at da moment. Insya Allah moga sampai jua ke garis penamat!

Paktam -> U have a very strong memory of the past, even I myself can't remember dat moment until U reminded me of it. Happy anniversary, i owe u n maktam so much, only Allah knows.

Andi -> It wasn't until 1999 to be exact really. 1998 masih lagi chubby. =) [need to find more pics of my past hehe]

rozita said...

Afzal, mak tam banyak gambar Afzal yg chubby tu! =)