Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Tired of this?

Day 3 post-chemo.

1. Nausea is my theme for the day. Getting out of bed every 2 minutes to spit out saliva.

2. Mr Hair can't hold any longer. You've put up a spirited battle to be honest, considering this is the 7th one. Some would have raised the white flag after the 2nd or 3rd one. Will say goodbye to it this weekend insya Allah.

3. Sleeping habit way out of order. Slept for most part of the day, only to be fully awake in the early hours of the morning. I take it as Allah's way of telling me that I still need to work more on my night worship to prove my full reliance on Him.

I can easily admit that I hate going through this rubbish cycle over and over again.

But I wont.

Need to remind myself that I can do this. That Allah does not lay a test greater than I can bear. That Allah is giving me the opportunity to purify my soul from my sins.

To remind myself that I am hopefully giving hope to someone else out there with a similar test, that being positive and strong will make a whole lot of difference in life.

Seek help with the Solat and fortitude. No doubt, Solat is a hard task but not for those obedient servants, who realize that ultimately they shall meet their Lord and shall return to Him. [Al-Baqarah:45]

Sorry, will try and update more on things later insya Allah.




Anonymous said...

Go Afzal Go! You can do this! =)


Mohd Shahnom Ismail said...

Yup, you can do this!! =)

Mas Affendi said...

We all know that you know that all of us know you have the strength to get through this, insya Allah. By the way, congrats menang NEXT lagi. Gila low profile, tapi okay la tu.

farizahisa said...

care to show us your new hairstyle?

Mas Afzal said...

Fifa n shahnom -> Keep the prayers coming ok?

Andi -> Happy with the win again, but obviously the intention was the sole reason for competing again. Hopefully lepas ni ramai la budak kat Sheffield ni berlumba-lumba nak berdakwah melalui hiburan.

Makteh -> Hoho, takleh tunjuk kat blog ni makteh, nanti website ni traffic jam pulak. Hihi. Mintak ngan andi.