Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Finally there!

Assalamualaikum wbt

It has been another grueling week post-chemotherapy. Yet again, I got a KO against Mr Chemo, but at least I had mom to be by my side throughout the battle. She was there when the fight began, so she wasn't gonna miss the finale.

Video courtesy of Mom.

I must admit it is frightening having experienced the sheer amount of side effects this therapy has given to me, and I pray to Allah that I will never have to go through such trial again. Nauzubillah.

But at the same time, I believe that there is always a hikmah behind everything Allah has destined for us, even though at times we struggle to realize the hikmah behind things that afflict us.

We will surely put you to trial by involving you in fear and hunger and by causing loss of property, life and earnings. And give good tidings to those who remain steadfast in these trials: when a misfortune comes to them, they say, "We are Allah's and we shall certainly return to Him,' Their Lord will bestow great blessings and mercy upon them; such are the people who are rightly guided.
[Al Baqarah:155-157]

Allah will give the one who perseveres in this kind of fortitude to taste the sweetness of surrender and find rest in the serenity of contentment (redha). Cantik bukan?

I need to get some more rest. Baru sekejap je bangun, tapi dah penat balik.



JeP said...

Persevere my brother, for after this there are none left!

Hehehehe seronok tgk video ni, teringat that irritating sound from the dispenser-thingy. The fact that you could make a countdown to it shows how much time you've been spending in the ward for the past half a year.

Anyways, congratulations. Yes I do believe Allah rewards those who remain steadfast through His tests, and the journey you've been through is testament to that.

Heard you're days away from coming home. Have a safe trip, and enjoy the rest of your days there.

PakTam said...

Assalamu`alaikum wm,

Kebolehan menceritakan dengan waras turutan peristiwa yang telah berlaku menunjukkan Afzal menerima ujian Allah ini.

Kesedaran tentang adanya hikmah si sebalik dugaan Allah SWT menunjukkan Afzal redha dengan ketentuanNya.

Kekuatan dan ketabahan yang dikumpul dalam mengharungi dugaan Allah ini adalah salah satu usaha Afzal memenuhi tuntutan keimanan.

Hang on there. Looking very much forward to seeing you back home again.


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum wbth,

Still feeling the nausea? U need to fight it...why not buat sandwich chicken..ayam yang mama bakar tu ada lagi tak?

Tolong beli t-shirt "Mind The Gap" saiz Large kat Heathrow airport nanti....love mama

P/S: Aiysha ketawakan video yang mama ambik..konon tak professional..nasib ada!

Anonymous said...

Semoga Allah swt merahmati dan melimpahkan kasih sayangnya yg berterusan diatas ketabahanmu menghadapi dugaan ini dgn rasa penuh syukur dan sabar=)