Friday, 29 May 2009

Final Battle...

Round 12 (Final and Decisive Round)

Current heavyweight champion

Against challenger

Date : 29th May 2009
Venue : O2 Day Case Unit, Royal Hallamshire Hospital
Time : 10am

Can't get any bigger than this!

رَّبَّنَا عَلَيْكَ تَوَكَّلْنَا وَإِلَيْكَ أَنَبْنَا وَإِلَيْكَ الْمَصِيرُ

Our Lord! In Thee do we trust, and to Thee do we turn in repentance: to Thee is (our) Final Goal! [60:4]


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum wbth,

It's 5.44pm, Afzal is asleep..exhausted after about 7 hours at the Day Case Ward, Floor O, Royal Hallamshire Hospital - for his final dose of chemo. He has braved yet another traumatic experience, which no one comes out unscathed - the waiting was actually just as killing! But this time, he is not the last to leave..there's this girl who's getting blood transfusion yang belum balik.

He is such a regular at the ward, the staff there greets him by name and most of the patients also know him. A few asked about his exam and seemed genuinely happy that he got through. Throughout his conversations with staffs n patients alike, mama dengar je..kadang2 tak fahampun apa dia orang kata, tapi bila dia orang gelak mamapun gelak sama...

We had muffin burger for lunch, which I had packed from home. Afzal can't stomach the sandwich at the hospital because it reminds him of how awful the chemo is going to be. When asked what he would like for dinner - the answer - anything that is not our usual meal thus far...meaning, tak mau nasi mama masak spaghetti bolognaise.

Tomorrow I have to to the Moor to get some toileteries for Afzal - kat Poundlamd la jawabnya! I'll also need to get some grapes kat Castle Market or kalau ada kat street market di Moor tu.

2 more nights and I'll have to leave Filey Street yet again. Hopefully Afzal will be not too sickly by then, eventhough I'm pretty sure he may only able to see me to the front of his room door. I intend to take the taxi to the bus station tomorrow...don't want to be wondering about teary eyed, all the way to the station.

Afzal will update his blog later. I hope he wakes up long enough to have his spaghetti though cos I'm feeling hungry myself!

...see you guys soon..mama

JeP said...

Waalaikumsalam wbth,

Please pat his back for me, congratulating him on a battle well fought. Hopefully he'll recover soon, and that you'll pester him for his meals until the time you go back. I'm sure he's every bit as happy to have you there with him through his final dose.

Mama masak la rencah faveret dia tu (beef stew) if he has the stomach for it esk. Probably would help him recuperate. I'm sure semalam the citizens of Floor O mesti sebak sbb it might be chemoboy's last visit as a regular there kan. Still remember all those magazines I helped kemaskan before kita balik every time dose dia.

Shopping at poundland sounds great! Hehehe murah2 je. Mama gi beli grapes kat either Somerfield or Tesco je, sbb dekat sikit. Unless mama x kisah all the way ke Castle Market (aka PKNS) tu la.

Hugs for Afzal from here. Congratulations, for ending his course of treatment with flying colors!

PakTam said...

Assalamu`alaikum wm.

The stories of his cordial relationship with the hospital staff and patients reminds me of similar things when he was staying at P8, Putrajaya. Imam ngan makmum surau P8 tu pun kenal dia sampai ada sekali tu diorang suruh Afzal bang bila masuk waktu.

Well, that's Afzal as we know him. Ada kualiti wakil rakyat walaupun rasanya takde sapa in our family yang teringin nak jadi wakil rakyat!

Kome semua doakan semoga kali ini juga Allah SWT berikan semangat, kekuatan dan kesembuhan pada Afzal.

Norie - The day u left for UK tu I called up Andi. Offer diorang suruh stay or datang ke DPP kalau boring duduk kat SP (read: takde benda nak makan & malas masak!). Sampai ke hari ni takde pun demenya datang. Either malas nak bergerak ataupun banyak kerja la tu.

Sent off Abah, MakChik & PakChu to KLIA on 28.05.2009. Adib pun ada datang ke rumah & sama-sama ke KLIA. Abah macam biasa la tapi PakChu pun smart bergaya. Siap dengan berekot-rekot lagi (jacket/coat la). Kat Alor Setar, Badang (Nazri) jemput.

Esok (31.05.2009) ada meeting kat Seremban until 02.06.2009. The next day (03.06.2009) ada kes kat Raub pulak. Rehat sehari, come 05.06.2009 kita dah kena re-group kat Gantok for wedding PakChik! Time flies. Baru je rasanya kita meeting kat Verandah Rong Seri kat Bentong.

Harap dapat jumpa Afzal masa wedding PakChik. Is he coming?

OK. Salaam to Afzal from us @ DPP. Kalau tawaf kidal tu (as Mak used to say referring to shopping) jangan sampai tak sedar ke dunia!

p.s. - Cik Ainul Mardhiah wrote herself:
when you want to come TO MALAYSIA.i have finish my exam. now i am holiday.Get Well soon.

PakTam said...

Tertinggal daa...

Last Wednesday cuba juga call Afzal tapi dapat voice mail aje. Dia dah tukar nombor ke? The one I have tu nombor dia ends with "576".

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum wbth,

Afzal is coming back via Emirates, leaving UK on 10th June, arriving KLIA petang 11th June. So he will be be there with us kat Pakcik's wedding!

Alhamdullillah, he's doing fine after the chemo. Pagi ni dia makan 4 biji karipap, mee bandung n teh tarik for breakfast. Apart from asyik meludah je, he seems to be doing much better than I expected. Maybe sebab ad room service kot..siap boleh order lagi apa nak makan.

Jep, mama memang nak buat beef stew tu, tapi Yafai x jual beef semalam. Kalau hari ni pun tak de, it'll become lamb stew la! About those magazines kat hospital tu, I read them all yesterday!..n I arranged them nicely after that too.

Sha - no. hp Afzal tu betul, tapi masa tu dia tengah buat shadowing..tengah layan patient, jadi tak dapat answer calls.

Actually bukannya shopping betul2...cuma going round visiting all the shops n places yang I miss masa dengan Jep dulu. I went into the shops n belek bende2 yang kalau dengan Jep dulu, dia tak bagi beli atau browse pun! Duduk kat benches kat square sambil makan sandwich n listening to music played by aki2 mat salleh - sedap pulak tu diaorang ni main musik..lepas tu derma la a few pence. I have visited Sheffield 3 times in 2005, 2008 dan 2009..Johor pun I dont visit that often! Rasanya lepas ni tak datang sini dah, unless Aiysha or Tiqah or my nieces n nephews belajar kat sini. I've grown to love this place..especially because Afzal spent 5 years of his life here.

I'm off to the Moor again..last look at things there, maybe get some more strawberries for myself grapes for Afzal..also I have to look for Afzal's toileteries!

Take care..see u guys soon..mama

Anonymous said...


here's sumthing frm Papa who said dat this might help DR. Mas Afzal overcome his nausea...:D

He read an article(24/05/09) in NST by reuters, 'Gingers To Help Fight Nausea'.

from the article, DR. Richard Schilski,president of the American Society of Clinical Oncology and a blood cancer specialist at the University of Chicago and DR. Julie Ryan and colleagues of University of Rochester mentioned that numerous cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy and standard anti-nausea medications were given a placebo or one of three doses of powdered ginger capsule.

All these doses of ginger were effective in reducing nausea. The lowest two doses-half a gram and one gram of powdered ginger-were more effective than 1.5 grams.

if you cant get your hands on ginger capsules, you can also get the same effect from eating ginger cookies!

So, would you like to try it out?

Anonymous said...

Mas Afzal .. you are blessed with such nice, caring and loving people around you ... alhamdulillah ... May Allah bless you and your family always ... Congratulations! You have done it! ... Take care! ... Safe journey home! .... Adioz!

Andi said...

If I must say, that's quite a cool pic of u...

farizahisa said...

Assalamualaikum Afzal,
Alahmdulillah 3x! If there is an award for bravery and courage, perseverance and submission - you would win hands down!!
All of us cant wait to see you home!!

The Armaneeans - this was cleverly created by Pak Tam, meaning Pak Teh, mak Teh n the awak tak pernah datang rumah kiteorg kan? apsal aa?