Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Time To Say Goodbye

A lot of people have been asking around in regards to my previous post. It touches my heart to witness the concern of the people around me, and the sacrifices they are willing to make. If there is one thing I have really learnt in life, it is the beauty of friendship, one that transcends any differences, be it your skin colour or creed.

I have tried to keep it low ever since the news came out, but I knew eventually I can't keep it to myself for too long. Solely because I believe that there are so many people out there, be it openly or silently, who have been praying and supporting me throughout my battle since December 2008. People who deserve to know my story, through its thick and thin.

My life is indeed, not a primrose path.

After successfully completing my high dose chemotherapy and autologous transplant back in November, I had a scan and a neck biopsy to monitor my progress from treatment. The results of my scan and biopsy came out last week, and it was obviously not what I'd hoped for.

My cancer has relapsed, yet again. And it is still the same type of cancer, ie Hodgkin's lymphoma. Not only was it found on my neck, the cancer is also detected at the liver and my pelvic bone, suggesting the aggressive nature of the disease. The prognosis, is really not good.

My doctor felt that the cancer is almost non responsive to the chemotherapy and transplant. He believes that we are reaching a dead end in terms of further curative treatment options.

Having consulted my parents and close relatives, I have therefore decided that it's best that I return home to Malaysia, for good. To seek for a fresh breath of air, a new environment. To seek for that tiny ray of hope, wherever it might be.

Believing that at least, whatever the outcome of this battle might be, I will be next to my family, my loved ones, the people I want to be with.

It is indeed time to bid farewell to this long but rewarding 6 years journey in the land of the UK. On Sunday the 31st January 2010, I'll be leaving the country for probably the last time ever.

When people asked me how am I taking the news, I'd be a complete liar to claim that I am unperturbed. Natural it is for a mere mortal, blessed with heart and emotions to feel sad with such a difficult predicament. What I currently feel inside can probably be best described by what was said by our Beloved Prophet on the day he mourned for the loss of his son, Ibrahim;

The Eyes Tear,
The Heart is in Pain,
But (with my tongue) I will only say that which is pleasing to Allah.

O Allah, to you I leave all matters.


Count Hazman said...

Salam, be strong Bro Mas Afzal. May Allah show you the path that is best for you.

Mohd Shahnom Ismail said...

Dunia ini medan jihad
Dan inilah jihad yang ditakdirkan untuk kamu
Teruskan berjuang
Semoga kita semua berjaya didunia dan akhirat
Barakallah fik...

Asyandi said...

You are strong.. As far as i know u.. Semoga Allah terus memberi kamu kekuatan saudaraku.. Dan teruskanlah dgn keyakinan bahawa inilah jalan terbaik buat kamu though its not a primrose path kerana ssuatu yg indah sdg menanti kamu d alam yg kekal nanti.. InsyaAllah.. Ku ingat kamu dlm doaku.. Maka kumohon jgn pernah lupakan ku ya..

johan said...

Your spirit and perseverance has been nothing short of inspirational. I am absolutely certain that whatever challenges that have been thrown at you is because Allah knows what's best for you and what you are made of. Allah will only test the best of His servants with such ordeal and I pray that you will be given the strength you need to go through with this.

rhapsody LiN said...

abg mas afzal,kuatkan semangatmu. u re my hero u know? i am ur silent reader but yet sometines i do comment on ur blog. lin pun sakit jugak and banyak lin belajar untuk jadi tabah and try to accept the ugly fate on me. sedih.. tapi abang bnyak ajar lin untuk bersyukur. smoga kamu dirahmati-Nya. bukan abg je yg sakit and terpaksa sacrifice ur future and ur dream. me too... lin SLE. baru2 nie dapat tau yg lin x dapat fly(study abroad) just because of lin sakit. lin x dapat buat medic dulu pun sebab lin sakit ni. sedih sgt. atleast abg dh rasa study kat uk, buat medic. hope abg kuatkan semangat. kalau dh balik malaysia bg la alamat. mugkin kami boleh melawat abang nanti..insyaAllah..kuatkan semangatmu. lin sentiasa doakan dari bumi malaysia.

Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum wbt,
You won't be saying goodbye to us, your spirits and strengths are always with us, very close to us, insyaallah.
Indeed, He loves u and this test will certainly make u among the most beloved ones, insyaAllah.

Shahneel said...

Doa kami untuk Mas tak putus-putus. Kuatkan semangat,jangan mengalah..

Anonymous said...

Salamm, be strong as you have always been.. sesungguhnya hanya Allah yang berkuasa ke atas jodoh, ajal, pertemuan seseorang itu ... I'm glad you're coming back home to us, in fact, everybody (our family) is looking forward to have you back here.

Till we meet again,

Anonymous said...

kuatkan semangat...
sesungguhnya ramai yang sentiasa mendoakan...

selamat pulang ke Malaysia!

Abd Ghani said...

mas... sungguh sadis aku membaca.. tapi apakan daya Allah penentu segala.. sabar lah ye.. semoga kita berjaya di dunia dan akhirat

Kejernihanku said...

Semoga terus tabah Mas hanya doa dari kami mampu mengiringi..Sebaik-baik perancangan adalah perancangan Allah..insyAllah semoga berada di bawah naungan Allah..

Emy Ahmad said...


"semoga Allah swt memberi kekuatan"

Fadzilah said...

Assalamualaikum Mas, kami sekeluarga berdoa agar Allah swt memberikan keajaibanNya agar Mas sembuh seperti sediakala..semoga ada peluang bertemu di Malaysia.
Pak Cik Rosli, Mak Cik Fadzilah dan Ahmad Zamir.

lokey said...

Assalamualaikum Mas, semoga ketabahan dan kecekalan serta kesabaran sentiasa bersamamu , jangan mudah putus asa,Allah Maha Bijaksana dan Dialah pengatur segala ketentuan ini, sntiasa berpaut pada taliNya, jangan putus asa ya,, salam dari Bro Lokey

Suhaila said...

Salam. Semoga Mas terus kuat dan tabah dan dirahmati Allah. Selamat pulang ke tanah air. InsyaAllah Mas sentiasa dalam doa kami di Sheffield.

Abang Safuan & Kak Suhaila

Anonymous said...

salam mas..

I really know you for a short time..I know you are strong young man, one in a million..

Your journey in this world indeed is a primrose path..look at the people without the taufik & hidayah, they are lost man, but you, MasyaAllah..you have fulfilled everything that is needed in such the right way that Allah has always wanted his servant to be, InsyaAllah!

Allah test you because He love and as kaffarah, that will help in afterlife.

So dont worry young man!la tahzan..
indeed Allah is very near to you!

Keep going mas, never surrender!

ayasofya said...

salam,may Allah bless u.u always in our dua inshAllah.

tia said...

mas afzal, penuhkan hidupmu dengan senyuman

mijie said...

He is the best planner...
Should not be give up arent you...
In deed, there will be plenty karahmah upon what He put in...
that what i always see..

Anonymous said...

Salam Mas,
Kuatkan semangat Mas. Kami sentiasa berdoa akan kesejahteraan Mas dan moga2 Allah akan menyembuhkan apa yang Mas hadapi sekarang. Hanya Allah yang dapat menolong setelah kita berusaha dan berdoa. Kecekalan hati Mas menjadi pendorong kepada kami di sini. Kami sentiasa bersama Mas walaupun Mas berada jauh di M'sia.

Salam sayang dari kami semua di Sheffield.

Abe Bad

el nino said...

slm akhi
enta insya dalam doa kami..
moga kita semua dikurniakan rahmat dariNya..

Roy said...

salam mas...

besar sungguh ujian untuk ko mas...tetapi Allah tidak akan menguji seseorang hamba melampaui kemampuannya...moga ko terus tabah...nanti dah balik malaysia bagi nombor, boleh kontek2...

mama IeMaNs said...

salam Mas Afzal,

berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu memikul. Moga adik terus tabah menghadapi dugaan besar ini. Sesungguhnya ALLAH itu lebih mengetahui.

kak Jan

Anonymous said...

My husband just inform me that you will be back to malaysia this sunday. He really want to see you before you leave UK. We will pray for you akhie mas..

nurinkhairi said...

kami di sini akan sentiasa mendoakan kesejahteraan saudara mas afzal. semoga selamat perjalanan pulang ke malaysia.


Anonymous said...

Allah has shown His love to you in a very unique way... I envy you... I hope I will not lose my chance..

Ma'as salamah..Allah Ma'akum..

affick said...

Salam ya akhi,

Ku hanya mampu berdoa, moga dikau tabah menghadapinya. Hanya doa mengiringi pemergianmu ke tanah tumpah darahmu.

Moga ada sinar di hujung sana....

Terima kasih atas segalanya


fairuz azmi said...

assalamualakum mas,

sudah lama ku tak bertanya berita .. nak ucapkan selamat berangkat ke tanah air .. aku pasti akan merinduimu ..

salam dari jauh,

fairuz, asma' dan hafiy

Anonymous said...

Allahuakhbar adik Mas Afzal..tak dpt nak bygkan apa yg adik Mas lalui... but as like what others say..Allah tidak menguji seseorg yg diluar kemampuannya..hanya Allah yg tahu kenapa dia uji seseorg itu... Semoga adik Mas tabah melalui ujian Allah pada adik Mas.. what else can I say.. your spirit and perseverance akan sentiasa dlm ingatan kami... May Allah bless you always... kuatkan semangatmu seperti selalu...


hassan said...

I somehow refuse to believe what I heard.
And I have no words of comfort.
Yang ana tau,kita akan bertemu lagi nanti bila kami pelajar final year pulang ke Malaysia nanti.
We will always pray to see you.
Ana tak pernah tengok enta in any other mood than tersenyum atau ketawa.
Tunggu kami datang Jumaat ni.
Salam Manchester.

-ukhuwwah dalam tawa dan duka-

P/s:Concidentally,my word verification here is BE PORSITIV.

K.Alynn said...


Akak dgn Am sentiasa doakan yang terbaik untuk awak..
berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yang memikul..
Allah knows best!!

-Am, K.Alynn, Aishah Humaira-

Suhaib said...

Salam Mas...

As always, I pray good things for you and I hope you have a safe journey back..

You've probably got intention to go there already - however if not - please do consider going to Ustaz Harundin's DarulShifa @ Bangi as one of your first stops..

Take care always - and I'm (probably) always in the UK so remember to let me know if you need anything from here..

Suhaib (and Addawiah)

pendamba_cinta said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pendamba_cinta said...

salam brother,

i had never knew you before, but someone told me stories bout you. May Allah bless you brother, not many people given the chance, (As what this blog entitled itself- not the primrose path). alhamdulillah, Allah give you guidance through your path, and insyaAllah it will be as long as hubungan dgn Rabb itu dijaga. may Allah bless you brother. may Allah bless you..

Anonymous said...

Sungguh hebat ujian Allah...Mas kuatkan semangatmu dik...Allah menyayangi mu.

Salam ukhuwwah

Kak Amnah & Abg. Zaidi

k nikmun said...

salam my brother,

you are blessed to be among those who understand the true purpose of life in this world. to these people, they understand that this life is actually much much much 'longer' than what is written in a doctor's prognosis.

prognosis itu ibarat muhasabah, tapi hidup masih berjalan terus sehingga Allah tentukan fasa yang seterusnya. jadi teruskan dan teruskan...

" Bekerjalah kamu, maka Allah dan rasul-Nya serta orang-orang yang beriman akan melihat pekerjaanmu, dan akan dikembalikan kepada Allah yang Maha Mengetahui yang ghaib dan yang syahadah, kemudian akan disampaikan kepadamu apa-apa yang telah kamu kerjakan." [at Taubah 105]

Kak She said...

Salam Mas,

Be strong ok. Akak dah habis kata2 sebenarnya.. menitis air mata akak bila baca kisah awak ni..

Take care yer Mas..sampai malaysia nnt bgtau lah.. ni no akak - 0193509171. InsyaALLAH ada peluang akak akan melawat awak..

down under said...

Salam Akh,
Have been a silent reader for long.
I pray that you'll be strong always!HE KNOWS BEST..
Yang penting dalam kehidupan ni, redha dan rahmat dari Illahi.

KAlau dapat redha Allah,alangkah indah dan bertuahnya diri.

Be strong man, the ummah needs you!

sufaat said...

Dear Mas Afzal,

Berair mata aku.

Abadi, PMC

Anonymous said...


Masya Allah, sesungguhnya akhi adalah insan yang terpilih. Dugaan yang berat hanya untuk orang yang mampu memikulnya sahaja.

I have been following your blog for quite a while. Semoga tsabat di jalan ini.

May Allah bless you.

ibuhannah said...

My husband and I came across your blog and are truly touched by your journey's story. Our Prayers are with you...

Arif Atiq said...

Salaam abg mas, indeed I'm envy of your determination, your strived in fighting for your life. O Allah, how I wish I could be like you. Accepting His will and set our mind that all of these are actually a Blessing from Him (a task that I doubt would rather be impossible for me). Yet, you are here… reminding us the opportunity of hope. The Reality which what "life is all about". I am sure that you've had wonder.. the word that keep spinning in your mind :"why me", but guess what ya akhi… "You are the Lucky One" SubhanAllah. May Allah be With You. Thanks a lot for sharing all of your experience with us. InsyaAllah you will always be in my prayer. InsyaAllah... Jazzakumullah hu khairan kasira…

Arif Atiq said...

Salaam abg mas, indeed I'm envy of your determination, your strived in fighting for your life. O Allah, how I wish I could be like you. Accepting His will and set our mind that all of these are actually a Blessing from Him (a task that I doubt would rather be impossible for me). Yet, you are here… reminding us the opportunity of hope. The Reality which what "life is all about". I am sure that you've had wonder.. the word that keep spinning in your mind :"why me", but guess what ya akhi… "You are the Lucky One" SubhanAllah. May Allah be With You. Thanks a lot for sharing all of your experience with us. InsyaAllah you will always be in my prayer. InsyaAllah... Jazzakumullah hu khairan kasira…

kak aini said...

Salam mas,

Dah lama rasa kami nak tanya kabar berita..semoga mas tabah dalam menghadapi ujian dan dugaan ini..Sesungguhnya Allah menguji hambanya yang sabar utk menaikkan darjatmu di sisiNya..teruskan berdoa dan berusaha..pengakhirannya pulangkanlah kepada Allah..Semoga Dia mengurniakan yang terbaik buatmu..

Kami mendoakan yg terbaik buatmu
Ikhlas dari,
Ustaz Nisar, kak aini dan Muhammad Naiemullah

...@tiyy@h... said...


walaupun sy tak mengenali saudara, sy harap saudara kuatkan semangat..saudara tak keseorangan..ada sahabat and famili yg menyokong...insya Allah..pasti ada hikmah Allah menguji saudara..semoga tabah menghadapi semuanya...Wassalam

Anonymous said...

Salam Dear Brother,

Life is nothing but a test! We are here in this Dunya to worship the One and only!

He had promised us that every soul is given test that it can handle.... remember the ayah 'Layukallifullahunafsan illa wua'ha' ... we are being tested in each and every breath we sipped ...

You, my dear brother, had been given a tremendous test ... May Allah reward you with zillion times tremendous reward for He is the Wealthiest who created the Heaven!

Brother, I had learnt a lot from your perserverance and courages ... indeed this is the biggest dakwah that you have given to me and others ... you have shown us the meaning of being the true servant that never complaints of what Allah had decreed upon us .. you have live up according the sunnah ... you have done so much dakwah in this sense .. the list could go infinity if to be listed here...

Brother, this is a blessing to you from Allah... how many people would went mad to have such a test but alhamdulillah you accept it in the state of patience ... isn't this more important ... Allah loves you and He always keep you close to Him ...You are indeed being blessed with His love ... with this test you remembered Allah always ... whilst for people like me we often forget Him ... Because He loves you, He tested you and makes you remember Him always! ... what else could we wish for except for His love!

My dear brother, shouldn't we be 'crazily' in love with Allah?

Allahu Akbar!

Barakalluhu fika!

Amir Syafiq said...

I'm proud of you bro!

jihan. said...

Dearest Dr. Mas,

Sayang betul Allah pada mas.
You have been a blessing and a good company to us all in sheffield.

Our doa and thoughts will always be with you. for i have faith that Allah will not stop pouring His mercy and rahmah onto you. May you be stronger when you're back in Malaysia with your beloved ones. Please take care. Thank you again mas, for being such a great friend, a great teacher, and a leader to us all.

ida said...

Salam Mas,

Ida baru dengar news.. I hope you'll be strong!

Semoga semuanya dipermudahkan Allah. Thanks Mas atas pertolongan dahulu kala, di kolej mahupun di UK ye. It was great knowing you.

Sesunguhnya Mas tabah, dan optimis orangnya, teruskan perjuangan dan tawakkal.

Ida, Junaidi dan Jannah, Manchester

Anonymous said...

Salam Mas,

Harap Mas sabar dan tabah dengan ujian dari Allah SWT. Kami sentiasa doakan yang terbaik untuk Mas. Teruskan perjuangan!

Tazli & Family

Anonymous said...

salam, abang mas,
kuatkan semangat! i`m one of ur silent readers.. insya Allah.. Allah sebaik - sebaik perancang


Mukrish said...

assalamualaikum bro,

mukrish here. be strong mas, kuatkan semangat. insyaALLAH mas, ALLAH sentiasa tahu apa yang dirangcangNYA.

i'm really sorry i didnt contact you earlier. i dun have any idea about you being in this condition. i really hope i could meet you bro

Anonymous said...


ketabahan mas memberi kekuatan untuk kawan-kawan.
kesabaran mas memberi semangat kepada rakan-rakan.
saya kagummm...

allah sentiasa bersama mas.

Din said...

Salam Adik Mas,

Saya dan isteri baru mendapat link blog saudara, dan ucapan kami bersabarlah atas segala ujian yg Allah berikan kerana itu merupakan ganjaran pahala darinya dan ia juga cara Allah nak angkat darjat hambaNya. Allah tidak berikan ujian melainkan kepada hamba2Nya yg mampu menghadapi ujian tersebut.

Kami akan mendoakan saudara moga diberikan yg terbaik oleh Allah dan dipermudahkan semua urusan.

kami juga yakin doa2 dari seluruh manusia kepada anda samada dari mereka yg anda kenal, tidak kenal, pernah jumpa atau langsung tak pernah, pasti akan di angkat oleh Allah.

Salam ingatan dari kami
Mahyudin, Asmin, Muammar, Ayman dan Mawaddah.

Mohd. Muhaimin Radzuan said...


aku tanak wat ayat sedih untuk ko.. aku tak kenal ko dan ko pon tak kenal aku..

yang penting..
apa y sedang terjadi kat ko ni, ko jangan sedih.. janji ko kena BERUSAHA HIDUP CERIA.. BILA ORNG MACAM KO YANG SAKIT NI CERIA, orang macam aku akan rasa nak Hidup lebih ceria dari ko.. Cuba nak blaja jadik tabah macam ko.. Aku lebih hargai diri aku..

aku nangis bile baca blog ko nih.. Tapi ingat satu je SAKIT ITU PENGHAPUS DOSA.. ko mungkin sakit di sini, tapi tak sakit di sana..

Ko kena janji dengan semua orang yang ko syg, ko janji akan BERUSAHA HIDUP CERIA..

~HaNna~ said...

Assalamualaikum...sangat kagum dengan ketabahan anda...
Semoga Allah sentiasa merahmati Mas Afzal..:)
Akanku ingat anda di setiap doaku..:)

Teruskan senyum walaupun ianya pahit..

Wan Mohd said...

salam mas

mintak no tel yang kau akan gune kat malaysia nanti..

no tel aku: 0122472442,

ade rezeki iAllah boleh jumpe

ex soton
ex kyuem

ainbudakbaek said...


i wish to be you.i want ALLAH loves me like HE loves you. :)

Anonymous said...

Salam.tiada kata yang dapat sy ucapkan melainkan bersabar & redha atas takdir & ketentuan Allah walaupun semuanya itu sebenarnya diri yang menanggung sahaja yang tahu bagaimana betapa pedih & derita ujian yang menimpa.Tapi ingatlah setiap kesakitan dan derita yang kita rasa Allah akan jadikannya sebagai kafarah ke atas dosa kita sekiranya kita terus bersabar.

Sy doakan akhi dapat sembuh daripada penyakit tu.Kuatkan semangat.Semoga Allah sentiasa bersamamu!

Salam ikhlas,
Ahmad Marzuki b. Yusof,
Pelajar Tahun 2,
Kuliah Perubatan Cairo University,Egypt.

pencari_nur said...

Assalamualaikum wrt..
ana minta izin tulis sedikit pasal nta kat blog ana ye.. jazakallah khayr..may Allah grant you happiness in this dunya and the hereafter!

Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum mas,

semoga Mas terus tabah menghadapi ujianNya, insyaAllah , Allah bersamamu.
kami akan terus mendoakan kesejahteraan Mas. Kuatkan semangat!

-Kak Raihan, Abg Rusdi, Muizz, Rania

Tengku Nurul Sa'adah said...

Assalamualaikum Wbt,,

Sy baru dpt link blog ni dr MySis yg study UK,,Actually,not really understand about what going on coz not read all the posts yet..BUt i know about ur illness..

Just,,nk ccadangkan kpd akhi agar mencuba perubatan islam pulak.. Akhi boleh berubat di Darul Syifa' atau di tempat2 yang mengamalkan perubatan Islam..

"Dan Kami turunkan dari Al Quran suatu yang menjadi penawar dan rahmat bagi orang-orang yang beriman dan Al Quran itu tidaklah menambah kepada orang-orang yang zalim selain kerugian. (al-Isra: 82)

Dan ana berminat untuk berhubung dgn Akhi samaada melalui Email (sincere_sketch@yahoo.com) Ym (sincere_sketch) blog (http://sdc12.blogspot.com) atau phone 0145094234.

Harapkan perkongsian yang bermakna dan bernilai dalam hidup..

Anonymous said...

salam, baru dapat link ni dari anak ibu yang belajar di Scotland dan dia pernah jumpa mas sekejap di Manchester. Mas, ibu doakan semoga Mas kuat dan tabah, dan percaya lah bahawa kalau Allah nak sembuhkan Mas, pasti Mas boleh sembuh, maka berdoa lah. Mas doa, keluarga doa... (terutama Ibu Mas) dan kami juga doa untuk Mas... Apa pun LIFE MUST GO ON.. and only Allah knows what is the best for u - ibu zarah, Malaysia

izadiskandar said...

Salam mas

i can't imagine how difficult it must be for you at this time in need.

Be strong my brother,

my pray is with u

asraf ismail said...

salam mas

semoga Allah SWT merahmati mu dan terus bersabar dengan ujian-Nya

enta adalah salah satu role model yang dipandang tinggi oleh ana

asraf ismail

Qurrotu Akyun said...

Assalamu'alaikum warohmatullohi wabarokatuh...

(As-alullohal 'Adhim, Rabbal 'Arsyil 'Adhim, Ai-Yashfiak.)

Setiap penyakit itu, ada penawarnya (kecuali penyakit tua). In Syaa Allah, ana doakan yang terbaik untuk enta sepanjang waktu.


sufi_belayar said...

My tribute to you ...


Please know that my prayers are always be with you

draffendi said...

May Allah bless you always!

Fuad (bdk Germany) said...

Assalamu'alaikum Mas,

sungguh berat ujian ke atas kau..tp aku yakin kau memang seorang yg tabah..aku doakan yang terbaik buat kau insyaALLAH.

Syahmi said...

Salam bro Mas Afzal,

terima kasih utk segalanya.

first time jumpe mmg sgt nampak kau ni ade kekuatan.

sekarang kau beruntung sebab kau berada medan perjuangan yang amat payah pada mata kami semua.

iAllah, dugaan ni mudah je buat kau. jangan patah semangat. berjuang sampai putus nyawa bro.

ingat kami semua kat sini dalam doa kau Mas.

salam perjuangan

Anonymous said...

Tabahnya anda...
dunia hanyalah sementara...
Jangan sedih ya...
cerialah selalu..

Anonymous said...

tabahkan hati..jangan disiram dengan kesedihan dah kedukaan....sesungguhnya masa itu rahsia tuhan...dinilai dengan keberkatan..dan sejauh mana tingginya kesabaran....semoga menjadi insan terpilih.....

ummuNaim said...

Akak doakan agar adik Mas sentiasa dilindungi, dirahmati, ditabahkan hati menghadapi ujian ini..Semoga diberi kesembuhan daripada penyakit ini..Ameenn!!!!

Aqtar Mohamed said...

ALlah has decreed and has done as He pleased. May He make this easy is for you, and place you in the company of those closest to Him, inysa Allah.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum wrt,

You are indeed a very strong young man. May Allah bless you always, He is the Greatest....

Berusaha n tawaqal!! said...

Salam saudara MAs.
Semoga Tabah menghadapi..berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu memikul..
semoga anda sentiasa dilindungi allah walau ape badai yang melanda..inshaAllah..
Salam dari Toulouse,France..

Anonymous said...

Ya akhi,

Sesungguhya Allah s.w.t memilih hambanya untuk setiap ujian yg diberikan.... lihatlah surah al-ankabut...bersabarlah dengan apa yang berlaku ini...ia juga bukanlah semata-mata hanya untuk enta..tetapi ia juga adalah tarbiyah yang berterusan untuk "mereka" di sekeliling enta. Di "sana" ada janji Allah bagi hambanya yang telah "berjual beli" di atas jalan dakwah.

Jauh di mata, ikhlas di hati


Anonymous said...

salam utk Mas Afzal
semoga Allah sentiasa memberi petunjuk dan Mas dapat mengharungi ujianNya dengan tabah dan penuh keimanan.

salam dari Manchester

k aisyah

Anonymous said...


Shaikh As-Sa’di describes this name of Allah – al-Lateef – with grace and beauty. He says:

“From His beautiful and excellent Names is the Ever-Discreetly Gentle (al-Lateef). He is the One who is discreet in His actions that he discerns the hidden and secret, and what the hearts are filled with. He also perceives what is in the lands, of enclosed grains and seeds. He is Ever-Gentle with His devoted slaves and makes things easy for them and keeps them away from difficulties. He makes the path to His pleasure and generosity easy for them. He protects them from anything that may lead to His anger. This is through means that they may perceive as well as means that they do not perceive. He also decrees matters for them that they dislike in order for them to be granted what they love. He is gentle with respect to their own souls as He guides them with respect to matters that are external to them with every goodness and with righteousness. The name al-Lateef is close in meaning to al-Khabeer (the Well-Acquainted with all things), ar-Ra’oof (the Clement) and al-Kareem (the Generous).” [i]

Sakura said...

Salam Mas,
I heard about you from Ikmal.
I guess this must be a test from Allah. Be strong ok and our doa is always be with you.

Ernie and family

waninhoney said...


Saudara Masafzal, harap dah sampai Malaysia. I have been thinking of you, only on you for last two days. Don noe what to say, i just want you to be strong because u r my inspiration.

Hope everything gonna fine. Hope Allah bless u. Moga terus berusaha namun dikatakan madu tu ubat paling mujarab.


sis said...


rahazana said...


Allah menyayangimu...

Salam rindu,
Pn. Raha

Anonymous said...

May Allah be with you...
No matter what, Allah knows what is the best for His slaves...
TC n salam...

arsaili said...

salam may ALLAH make it easy for you....and always with you brother!

My Mahadi said...

Salam Mas
Semoga Allah memberi kekuatan kepada anta untuk menempuh ujian hebat ini. Salam persahabatan dunia dan akhirat dari ana Mahadi ex-Newcastle 2001-2007.
Insyaallah, semoga dapat berjumpa lagi.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum MAs,

By the time u read this u must already be in msia..
Please give me a call, abg shahrul.. we've lost contact since we left UK last year.. and very2 sad and shock to hear the news..
we'd like to see u if ure ok .. here in Msia ..(dok sabah lagi ke?)

pls gimme a call/text me once uve read this msg at 019-6675774

Abg Shahrul,
Kak Jamilah,
Maryam Sofiyyah
Muhammad Emraan Hakimie
Asma' Amaanina

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum MAs,

By the time u read this u must already be in msia..
Please give me a call, abg shahrul.. we've lost contact since we left UK last year.. and very2 sad and shock to hear the news..
we'd like to see u if ure ok .. here in Msia ..(dok sabah lagi ke?)

pls gimme a call/text me once uve read this msg at 019-6675774

Abg Shahrul,
Kak Jamilah,
Maryam Sofiyyah
Muhammad Emraan Hakimie
Asma' Amaanina

zubair said...

salaam Br.,

Its the same here with one of my friends in india. One of my close friends by name abdur rahman. we were doing our engineering when the doctor broke the news to him that his mother is gonna be alive for only 3 months. His mom asked him to go and write the exams no matter what. I could see the pain in him, his eyes keep dribbling his grief now and then in the exam hall, his heart craving for his mother. he still wrote his exams to fulfill his mom wishes. He was an orphan having lost his father very early in life. His only asset was his mother and no one by his side. It was really to hard to bear for any. None of us could speak a word to him. For no words could console him. To be frank none had the courage to talk to him. The best of the doctors certified that his mom could not survive past the 3 month deadline. I only told him t his, "its God who gave us life, its only God who can take our lives. Let the whole world certify, no body can steal ur mom unless and until Allah wills it that way". Its more than 8 years now. Its true brothers, his mom is still alive and healthy. Alhamdullilah. He is married and living happily with his mother ,wife, a son. All is all powerful, Ar-rahman. It is to him we belong and to him is our final return.

Mohammad Zubair

chewah said...

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Mas,bertahanlah, banyakkan berzikir, balasan nikmat dari kesakitan dan kepedihan yang dideritai akan diterima di akhirat kelak. syurga menanti Mas, Insyallah.

Anonymous said...

Salam abg mas...

Semoga Allah memberikan enta kedudukan yg baik di dunia dan di akhirat kelak, insyallah

an_nabil said...


though you have already told me the news, just dropping by to say how much i have missed seeing you.

i am speechless, however i know that Allah has indeed has a better plan for you.

dunia hanya persinggahan kepada kehidupan yang abadi.

Allah Hafeez Mas

Dr. Mohd Faizal B Nor Azmi said...


teruskan menikmati hidup dengan kesyukuran

anda bukan yang pertama diduga dengan ujian berat dan bukan yang terakhir

teruskan perjuangan, jangan tinggal ibadah dan penuhi hidup dengan kasih sayang bersama keluarga

kukirim doa dari kejauhab

hamka said...

Assalamualaikum akh,
you re such an inspiration and how u have touched so many hearts of the unknowns!. Akh Mas, my prayers with you.."OOO Allah please give my dear brother and his family strength to endure the greatest moment in life and grant them jannah for all the patience they have shown you." ameen

Hafiz John @ Abu Talha said...

Salam Mas,

Aku doakan semoga Allah tabahkan hati Mas dan sekeluarga diatas ketentuan Ilahi.

Semoga dengan ini, Allah meningkatkan martabat Mas disisiNya dan menjadi seorang yang hampir dengan Allah...

Walaupun sudah lama tak bertemu dua mata... tapi aku rindu nak jumpa Mas...

InsyaAllah kita bersahabat di dunia dan akhirat...

harith arifin said...

Assalamualaikum wbt Mas,

Though very rarely met but I remember vividly Mas as a charismatic person and I believ you are the chosen one to be closer to Him among the others...Semoga Mas dan keluarga senantiasa di sinari Nur Ilahi dan rindu berkat kekasihNya Nabi Muhammad...tetap kuat zahir dan batin menghadapi ketentuanNya, insyaAllah.

Wahidah said...

this is the 1st time i read ur blog n i'm speechless..

dugaan yg Dia bg mmg kuat tp sya yakin ketabahan awk mengatasi segalanya..

moga awk sentiasa kuat n tabah..

juliana said...

Salam Mas..
Be strong dengan dugaan Allah and you will always be in my prayer..

Juliana Johari

Khairullah said...

Br Mas
Life is so precious that it makes our life here and in the hereafter. I know it is easier said than done but please be strong, patient and pleased always and put effort according to your ability. Always pray to Allah the Almighty so that He makes it easy for you, me and the entire humanity to serve Him by obeying His commands and by following the way shown by the Holy Prophet pbuh.

Anonymous said...


Berjuanglah selagi terdaya
Ketahuilah anda adalah insan terpilih oleh-Nya

Ingatlah mereka yang setia mengasihimu termasuk Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala


Anonymous said...

mas afzal, rindukan kamu...

موسليماتوصليها said...

tempatkannya digolongan beriman.. ameen

MaMaNuRiN said...

al-fatihah..rasa sebak sgt..terasa satu kerinduan yang melanda mama arwah..sebab imissed my doter too.moga arwah berada didalam golongan yang allah kasihi