Tuesday, 2 February 2010

To the people I love

Alhamdulillah, by the will of Allah, I’ve safely arrived in Malaysia on the 1st of February 2010 at 630pm. As I exited the arrival hall, I was warmly received by my family, one I’ve been longing to see after such a while. It’s a feeling of joy and sheer relief to finally be reacquainted with my mom and my family members after what has transpired recently. But deep in my heart, I could not hid the fact that I’m already sorely missing ‘something’ across the continent. Reminding myself of the people who have taught me the true meaning of friendship, the people whom support and prayers had touched me a lot, the people who had brought tears to my eyes.

The people I called my ‘big family’.

Saying goodbye to my big family I

Saying goodbye to my big family II

Ever since I made the decision to return to Malaysia for good, my remaining days in UK were spent entertaining the visits made by the people whom I had been privileged to come to know in my life. A late decision it was, as I only told the people around me less than a week before my date of departure. But that certainly did not prevent these lovely people from sacrificing their time and money just to show their unwavering support. The concern they had shown, has taught me an important lesson; nothing in this world is more priceless than showing your love to the people you care in whatever means possible.

As I sat alone in the plane heading back to Kuala Lumpur, I could not help but cry. People who knew me well would certainly testify that I am not the most sensitive of a person and that I don’t openly show my emotions to others. I could even recall the few moments in my life in the UK when I cried; one of those included the time when I had to break my diagnosis back in December 2008 to my mom over the phone. To hear my mom crying was harder to me than hearing the diagnosis from the doctor itself. I have always managed to remain strong throughout my battle with the disease, but nothing shatters my heart more than to see or hear my mom cried over my news.

I remembered when my doctor told me that they could no longer suggest a curable option to my disease, I wasn’t too worried with how bleak my future is possibly looking now. Rather, I was more concerned about thinking on how should I break this latest news to my parents. The first day I heard the news from my doctor, I spent hours sitting by myself motionless, thinking how my family would react. And today, I can only thank Allah that they are taking it strongly, as optimistic as how i’m taking it myself.

I always tell myself, don’t waste my tears whining for the bad things that afflict me in life. Don’t cry for the trials and tribulations that my Creator has put me in, for I am merely a human being that often fails to comprehend the wisdom behind each of His plannings. I remind myself that no matter how difficult my life might be, there will always be other people out there in this world with worse circumstances, yet they remain patient over their predicament. So don’t cry, Afzal.

But I could not tell myself to stop crying when I witnessed the sacrifices that the people around me were willing to make just for my sake. To travel from far just for a brief encounter with yours truly, to donate their money when they themselves struggle financially, to treat me so dearly as if I am one of their blood-related family member when I am not. O Allah, forgive me for my tears but it touches my heart so profoundly when I see the true kindness of your creation.

One of the most emotional moment in my life, seeing so many people in the masjid to show their support

I may be able to pay back my loan of gold, but I will forever remain indebted to the kindness that all of you have shown to me. Jazakumullahu khayran katheera.

As of today, I am safely in my home in Sri Petaling, taking some time off recuperating from what was a hectic and tiring one week. I am generally well in myself, apart from feeling slightly tired and itching quite a lot (the itchiness is due to the cancer, it is one of the common symptoms in Hodgkin’s lymphoma). My left hand also feels numb and weaker compared to my right, as the nerves supplying to that area has been affected by the cancerous cells.

For everyone who has been dropping their comments in my blog, rest assured that I read each and every one of them. So does my mom. We take strength from all your kind words, advise and well wishes. I truly appreciate every support and prayers that have been shown to me, even though there are so many people out there whom I do not know personally. Having read all your comments and prayers, I will always tell myself that I can not afford to raise the white flag just yet, the battle is not over. I must not disappoint the people who have prayed for me all these while.

I know I will fall again and again, but I will always try to get up, no matter how hard it will be.

“...Don't despair of Allah's mercy, for it is the unbelievers alone who despair of His mercy.”

Afzal, never ever lose hope with Allah’s Mercy!

p/s: A very touching video indeed. Terima kasih adik Ruzai.


Anonymous said...


It breaks my heart to see Afzal looking frail and tired, as he entered the arrival hall in KLIA that 1st February, 2010 at 7.22pm. I gave him the biggest hug and didn't feel like letting go...My son is home! and this time, I do not have to count the days when I have to send him off again to that foreign land - UK.

Thank you all of you for "taking care" of him all this while. I am taking over that duty now. He is happy, enjoying his family, home-cooked meals and sleeping in his own home again. After this we will embark on efforts to treat his cancer. The other thing that I pray for everyday is...for him to be given the chance to fulfill his dream of being a doctor.

Thank you all of you out there both in the UK or Malaysia or elsewhere...I am so touched by your concern for Afzal. I never reaslised how many hearts he has touched..and you guys out there have touched my heart..thank you again..and may Allah bless you always...mama Afzal.

HaNiF said...


Teruskan perjuangan mu Mas

Kami sentiasa mendoakan

An-Nur said...


Me and all the followers are always pray for you...

Don't give up

You are our inspiration.

muscom 08/09 said...

kita hanya berjumpa dua kali.

pertama summer 2008 di musolla as-saad,bro mas bg talk kt depan musolla time interval maghrib isya. sebelum tau about the cancer.

second, after bro mas grad n come back m'sia for good jz b4 u go back again to UK for the treatment. around mac 2009 I think, u join the jamuan muscom with ust hasrizal petang tu kt bawah pokok kelapa tepi musolla dgn ustz malikie skali..bro hazman hadi was there too.

we dont know each other that well. but the same kyuem we'd studied at has always make me feels that we have so many things in common, eventhough maybe it is not.
or rather its brotherhood in Islam.

I had admired you since the first meeting.
But this two meeting is more than enough to make u one of the person I'll remember for the rest of my life.

believe it or not, u're one of the person that I've pictured myself to becoming to one day. well, an inspiration maybe.

I hope there will be a third meeting. n by the time we meet, I'd like to reveal that this comment is from me. ;P

Mathematician said...

Saudara Mas,
Saya tidak tahu bagaimana hendak menghubungi saudara. Namun begitu, saya berharap agar saudara dapat menghubungi saya menerusi email resevile19@gmail.com.
Jangan berputus harap.

K.Alynn said...

salam mas...

akak dgn am terkilan sangat tak dapat jumpa mas kat airport hari tu..my bad, I thought u were arriving at 7.30pm..
when i realized that, it was already too late..
we really hope to see u soon..
please contact am (hope u still have his number)or me on my FB..
aishah humaira will be having her 2nd operation for pallate repair this Friday..
please pray for us..
take care..

Kejernihanku said...

Mas hopefully you will recover..we will wait you good news and always pray for you..do not lose your hope to Allah..He knows what He do..You have to scarify something before you get the "nikmat" from Allah..insyaAllah khair..be strong my brother..

HangLiJo said...

salam bro.mas.. I've been ur silent readers b4 dis..

for me, u are truly amazing. my prayers for you brother! The miracle is Allah's. Never give up in your beliefs!

HiLMaN said...

"the battle is not over". Ganbatte Mas! Allahu Akbar!

Mohd Shahnom Ismail said...

cintakan syahid, tidak takut seluruh dunia pergi meninggalkannya, dalam hati hanya satu cinta...

virgo_blue91 said...

Assalamualaikum...I am now student at KYUEM and I am very glad to know a little bit about yourself...I am impressed by your patience...May Allah Always Bless You...I really hope the college will organise a trip to visit you...I am july 2008 intake students...It is ustaz maliki who introduce your blog to us during Islamic Studies...Your blog make me realise sins I've done since I was born...I pray for your health...La Tahzan...maybe you can contact me through my number of mail...013-4309813(nuruljannah) or mail me at jannah892000@yahoo.com...

Anonymous said...

I and all my friend always prays for u..u are our inspiration... insyaallah,we want to visit u...

zulkarnain said...


mas.. alhamdulillah ko dah sampai malaysia. atleast you are safely with your family.

ako dah contact ustaz hidhir and explained your situation a bit to him. Whenever you are free nanti ko contact la die.

hope to see my ex-chaletmate again one day insyaAllah

land down under said...

Salam Bro,
My pray goes to you. We need people like you!

Stay tough brother!

May Allah bless you and family..ameen, ameen ya rabbal 'alamin..

Anonymous said...

stay strong mr, will always pray for you
you inspired the best in me
thank you

-your silent reader

Arif Atiq said...

Assalamualaikum Abg Mas,

My doa' InsyaAllah will always be with you. Dont lose your hope... I am glad that you still determine to fight along, Alhamdulillah this time with your family (your love ones) at your side. Seeing that you cant afford to raise the white flag, tells me/us to keep on sending my/our Doa to you ya akhi.

Fight till the end


Arif Atiq said...

Assalamualaikum Abg Mas,

My doa' InsyaAllah will always be with you. Dont lose your hope... I am glad that you still determine to fight along.. Alhamdulillah this time with your family (your love ones) at your side. Seeing that you cant afford to raise the white flag, tells me/us to keep on sending my/our Doa to you ya akhi.

Fight till the end


sya mansor said...


u're so lucky to have such people around you, always by ur side
through thick and thin. i hope u'll keep fighting n be strong not only for them, but also for urself. wish u all the best :)

and thanks for sharing ur journey with us. i truly admire ur spirit. the battle is not over!

Anonymous said...

doa kami semuga anda tabah..usahakan yg terbaik, doa dan bertawakkal pdNya.

sis said...

sy sgt kagum dgn ukhuwah fillah yg terjalin antara saudara dgn sahabat2..semoga ALLAH limpahkan rahmat serta barakah buat saudara mas afzal dan sahabat2 amin..teruskanlah menulis keranaNYA

Anonymous said...

Assalamu'alaikum wbt akhi.

First time dropping by here though I have been a silent reader ever since you started blogging. Somehow or rather, Ca patients are really close to my heart. You are truly an inspiration. Never do we forget to spare you in our prayer, inshaALlah. Keep on writing, your words are beautifully written and certainly motivates me (and others too I believe)! You've touched SOOOOOO many hearts. God's willing, may you get nothing but the best, if not in this world, in the next, inshALlah, for you deserve nothing but the best Mas Afzal.

joegrimjow said...


Anonymous said...

Selamat sampai ke Malaysia balik. Ana dah bubuh sume video mas afzal dlm blog ana lg awal dari mas. hehe. Mas tertinggal lg 1 video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNRS3QFq2w0&feature=player_embedded

Salam dari leicester.

Anonymous said...

salam wrh
teruskan perjuanganmu.teruskan memberi inspirasi.semoga Allah mengganjari dgn sebaik2 ganjaran ameen InsyaAllah..

Jeg said...


The last time I met Mas was at Notts Games 2008 I think. As usual, Mas was a cheerful, humble, friendly lad.

One of the kindest i've known.

I was informed of Mas's condidtion when I paid a visit to Ikmal's place around Preston. I was really shocked to hear of the news.

Mas, be strong. Aku doakan ko sentiasa tenang dan sabar hadapi dugaan dari Yang Maha Esa ini.

Take care bro.



Anonymous said...

Anakku Mas,
Sejak mendapat tahu tentang blog ni aunty mengikuti apa yang Mas sedang lalui..
melihat dari video dan gambar yang disiarkan auntie percaya semangat Mas untuk terus menikmati kehidupan masih belum padam dalam dirimu nak.
Percayalah semua insan akan melalui jalan ini..hidup dan mati serta akan dibangkitkan semula...itu semua telah dilalui oleh semua manusia yang terdahulu dari kita..perjalanan yang pasti ..cuma kita manusia menganggapnya sebagai suatu tragedi....

Pernah kita terfikir setiap hari berapa ramai yang keluar bekerja akan pasti untuk pulang ke rumah dgn masih bernyawa pada petangnya?Ada yang hayatnya berakhir diatas jalanraya,heart attack dsbnya tanpa sign n symptom..tanpa notis dari doktorpun yang menyatakan hayatnya akan berakhir hari itu ..sadiskan?
... Ilmu kita tentang penyakit terlalu sedikit, doktor hanya boleh memberi jangkaan dgn ilmunya itu tapi HAYAT dan Dateline kita Allah yang tentukan...
Maaf aunty mengambil banyak ruang disini tetapi apa yang ingin aunty tegaskan selagi penyakit itu tidak mengatasi kekuatan fizikal dan minda kita nikmatilah kehidupan itu..beruntunglah orang seperti Mas yang diberi Allah tanda-tanda akan melalui jalan ke sana berbanding dgn mereka yang leka tanpa petunjuk yang kemudiannya dijemput pergi dgn tiba-tiba.

Bersangka baik dengan Allah..jangan berputus asa dengan Rahmatnya.Mudah-mudahan Allah memberi peluang kedua.

Beberapa patient aunty yang telah disahkan Ca stage 3 masih hidup sihat melepasi jangkaan dan dateline yang diberikan doktor.

Doa aunty untuk kesejahteraan mu nak..

Anonymous said...


Dear Mas, I don't know if you remember myself but I was a year your senior at KMYS and though we were never close, I do have fond memories of the fun we had as a group there, also you were in Topaz :)

I heard about your news from Awanis, and also from my father, whose colleague forwarded the link to your blog to him. I just wanted to say that you and your family will be in my doa, and I am glad to hear that you are back with your family now. I have nothing much else to offer but should there be anything at all that you think I might be able to help with please don't hesitate to ask. My father is a paediatric oncologist at UH, and though I know you've seen your fair share of world class oncologists and you are not in the paediatric age range, should you want to get in touch with him for any reason at all, he will be more than happy for you to do so. I just want to say that I have nothing but the highest regard for you, and my prayers are with you and your family.


aiEN said...

salam Mas..

we dont know each other.. but ur story has spread all over uk.. i'm the 2nd year student from manchester knew about u since Mcot send us an email.. Since then, I follow ur blog and read all the stories.. THANK YOU ALLAH for giving me chance to know u and ur 'toughness' really touch my soul.. I've wrote about u in my blog and now u are an idol to all my family members and frens out there.. u made us realize about a lot of things..about SYUKUR, accepting the fate, and return to ALLAH whatever it is..Even my families whose a lot older than u did the 'solat taubat' just after reading ur blog.. all of us reading with tears.. not because of sympathy but we are feeling bless by knowing u.. we aspire by ur writing.. u are a strong young man and my eldest sister are looking forward to meet u in malaysia, hoping on meeting ur lovely mum.. ur mother must be a very great woman to have brought up a son this special..We pray for ur happiness and I wish I'll be strong like u if I've been tested like this.. InsyaALLAH..

muhaimin sulam said...

Mas, selamat kembali ke tanahair

angin dan awan di sana
tetap seperti ketika kau
berdiri teguh berdepan
gelisah laut, keras gunung di sini
tentu jari tangankau
erat menggenggam pelangi
mengapai bintang langit tinggi

Aku aku berdiri di hujung kaki
turut berdiri

Lihatlah di sisi kau, Mas
itulah Aku
dan aku

Salam dari kami di sini buat keluarga di sana.

Ahn Dee (Asyandi) said...

kehadapan abang mas afzal yang sangat dirimdui..
andi mula merindui langkahan kaki dan jalan seiringan denganmu pulang dari IC especially lpas subuh..
Barakallahu fik ya akh..:)

ajak said...

singgah blog selepas diberitahu oleh kawan. berbesarhati untuk mengenali lebih rapat kerana perjalanan yang hampir sama.
kuatkan semangat. insyaallah saya ada pengalaman yang boleh dikongsi. mungkin juga saya boleh 'memimpin tangan' untuk sama2 mengharungi perjalanan ini. dengan rasa rendah diri,
ada kelapangan, singgahlah di blog www.drrazak.blogspot

hamka said...

Assalamualaikum akh,
teruskan berjuang and u ll be in my prayers inshaallah!

Anasfadilah said...

dear Afzal,

saya kawan jeff,and i read ur stories

semoga Allah berikan yang terbaik untuk Afzal.


Anonymous said...

Salam wbt.

Welcome home adik MasAfzal. I ve been following your blog since my sister posted your story on facebook a week ago. Your story n writing had influenceD so many of us here. You are a very kind and strong, intelligent young man. I culdnt imagine if I were you, what would I do.. Could I survive.. You are a lot of people's inspiration mas, Reading your blog, knowing your story, realising your strength and taqwa, I feel so small, so ungrateful for what Allah swt had given me. I m blessed wth a kind husband, four obedient sons and a good life but I had always complained about the hardship to take care of everything and everyone around me.. Then I came to know about your story mas. What u wrote had really inspired a mother like me.. I pray my kids will just turn b
to be great and humble young men like yourself. I admire, really admire your mother.. I wrote before, she should know that she made many mothers like me blieve it's not impossible to raise kids who ll turn to be like angels.. I started something new after Reading evrything u wrote, I m now sending my kids, 12 and 10 to perform their solat dzuhur berjemaah at a mosque nearby.. And that s just one of many I hv in mind.. Thank you mas, for inspiring me to be a good Muslimah, and a great mother. Our prayers are wth you and your family. Wassalam wbt.

Hamba Allah said...

salam buat Mas dan keluarga.

Tidak ada perkataan yg terbaik yg saya boleh tuliskan..nak meluahkan rasa kagum pada makhluk Allah yg bernama Mas Afzal..apa2 pun pujian kita kembalikan pdNya yg menetapkan iman,menguatkan hati.Saya dgn rasa rendah diri mendoakan semuga blog saudara Mas akan dikira sebagai amal jariah disisi Allah..byk yg boleh diambil pengajaran,iktibar..Sesungguhnya hidup didunia ni hanyalah tempat utk mencari bekalan kearah hidup yg abadi disana..sakit adalah kafarah, beruntunglah saudara..sungguh beruntung..semuga kita semua setabah saudara..amin.

cAt said...

Salam Brotehr Mas Afzal,

Alhamdulillah,im glad you made it safe and sound there in Malaysia. I hope you won't ever lose hope,always have faith and always continue fighting. InsyaAllah, I believe that the 'family' you left in Sheffield will always pray for you including me who you have inspired so much.

I still remember the first time we met.We were gathering in Filey Street to go to the freshers camp. You warmly held out your hand with that gentle smile of yours convincingly hiding all your life's burden. It amazes me how your able to do that without even a twitch of sadness. You give spirit and strength to others around you.I really hope we will meet again with you greeting me with that same gentle smile of yours insyaAllah.

~Ammar =)

STargAzeR said...

May you continue to draw strength from Allah.. And now from your family around you.. We never officially met but I knew you through a friend.. I pray that you will remain strong in the face of His trials.. Keep up your constant prayers and He will not disappoint you, InsyaAllah.. my prayers are with you brave one and God bless...

'AbduLLAH said...

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Jonet said...

Assalamulaikum Mas, aku baru dapat tau pasal condition ko about a week ago, dan baru je jumpa blog ko nih. Anyway, tabahkan hati dan jangan putus asa, teruskan perjuangan...semuanya ketentuan Ilahi. You are a very inspirational person. Really wish I were closer to you and knew you better.

Jonet KMYS 2001-2003

Anonymous said...

I am really moved by your will and spirit to confront the greatest battle in your life. Setiap penyakit itu ada ubatnya kecuali mati. All the best to you in facing this calamity. Winning or losing the battle is for Allah to decide. We as human being must keep on fighting until the very last day of our life to seek pleasure of Allah.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum wt wb Dr Afzal,

Appreciate if you could access my message which I have addressed to your anakbentong at hotmail dot com.

thank you

D said...

Salam Bro Mas Afzal,
Thank you for coming over my blog. I am delighted to get a visit from you, as I believe I heard about your predicament from my doctor friends in Sheffield when I visited them some time last year.

Reading through your blog has brought streams of tears as I know the battle you are fighting (although not as a first-person) Alhamdulillah, as bitter and unfair as it may all seem, you are the chosen one - to be tested with such a big one, complete with physical, mental, emotional & spiritual factors. After all, life today is for the hereafter.

I pray that the BEST be given to you: something we know not of. May Allah ease your journey in life and fill your heart with Iman & Taqwa. Redha in qada' & qadar. You are doing an excellent job so far, InsyaAllah!

Kak D of pausetoreflect.blogspot

Yasmin Al-Idros said...

Assalaamualaikum wr wb Maz Afzal

It's me again, Aunty Yasmin Al-Idros, the one who's in remission for Non Hodgkin Lymphoma. It'll be a big waste if this blog remain only a blog.. More people should read your story because yours is something very special.. out of ordinary.. I know of someone who put his life story from his blog into a book. People read but that story is nothing like yours. Please, please, please, son. Please transfer all this into a book and get it published.. It'll be good dakwah. It'll be great for your generation to come too.

Anonymous said...

May Allah bless you and give you a lot of strength. Please have a look at this talk by Dr. Randy Pausch in you tube called 'The Last Lecture'. Never give up as Allah knows what's the best for you.



masdiana said...

May Allah reward you handsomely for your patience + perserverance in this trial He puts you through, that you may face Him on that day with no sins at all insyaAllah. I hope you don't mind me sharing your blog with my fb friends - my only hope is that much more people would pray for you, + you know that it's 1 of the mustajab du'aa, 1 to a brother in his absence / without his knowledge. You remind me so much of my late friend - I hope to be reunited with her in His Jannah, ameen. My story on her: http://d1ana12.multiply.com/journal/item/10/in_memory
Take care + know that you are in my + many more's prayers insyaAllah.

adli hakim said...

hmmm...dah lama saya baca blog abg... tapi tak berani nak komen... your story have made me realise about death...hope u will get well soon... well, i pray that my son will become like you one day...erm... if you dont mind...can add my ym? hakim_cambest@yahoo.com ...thats all...thanks alot...

Mohd Hafizi Ismail - Ex Sheffield said...

Dear Mas Afzal ex-Victorian Hall 2007.... aku rase kau masih ingat aku lagi... Fizi yang sesamer dok Victoria Hall ngan kau.... huhuh Anyways Mas, aku baru dapat tau berita ni recently daripada Miji... Hmm aku terperanjat teramat sangat dengar berita ni... Tapi Mas, Allah maha penyayang Hamba2nya.... Anggaplah ini suatu dugaan atau ranjau2 ke pintu syurga nan indah... Aku percaya, semangat kau yang aku lihat selama ini mampu menjadi sel2 yang mampu memberi kekuatan kepada kau untuk menghadapi liku2 ini..... Insyaallah, aku nak sangat jumper kau. I'll plan to meet you soon k... Doa aku sentiasa bersama-sama kau wahai sahabatku.....

huda said...

assalamualaikum mas,
you probably wont remember me but i was one of your topaz sr in kmys. immensely touched by your stories and well impressed that our goofy mas has turned out to be a courageous young man.
my dua' are with you and your family. I pray that He makes it easier for whatever plans He has for you. Just as i was about to complain how sucks life is as a houseman in Malaysia, what you've been through has certainly put things in perspective.
Never despair and I pray for your recovery.

RabiaTuL said...

just want to say keep holding on!!
my friends have the same disease too..
i hope both of you will recover..

neem said...

assalamualaikum wbt.

be strong as always, may Allah bless you ^^

zulkifli said...


may Allah ease your way in getting through this hardship..be strong my friend..am quite surprised to hear your news after so many years of not having the chance to catch up with you..

indeed, life for everyone isnt the primrose path and Allah is the best planner of all..

best wishes from myself and the rest of us here in Cork who knew you..




Raden Galoh said...

Salam alaik Afzal...

Got to know about your D of Pausetoreflect... I read your entry with tears welling in my eyes for I feel you but at the same time, I can sense in your tone of writing that you are a strong person...

I will pray for you and to let you know, I am also a cancer survivor, being diagnosed in 2004 with breast cancer and got the first recurrence in 2008 and the 2nd one in june 2009...

We know this test digs so much of what we believe in us... hang in there, hold and grip tightly of your faith... insyaAllah with sabar and redha, Allah will give us something good in the hereafter...

whatever the outcome, have your stride in all eforts you can do... with tawakkal tyong every efforts, insyaAllah we will accept that everything that happens is the best pre-ordained for us...

stay strong bro.

kak dalilah aka Raden Galoh of onebreastbouncing.blogspot.com

widad said...

I have much respect for this young man may Allah heal you and accept you with the Siddiqeen and Shuhadaa,ameen.

Anonymous said...


watch this video, it helps!:))

doa saya sentiasa bersama anda Mas!

waninhoney said...

Salam, Dr Afzal.

I really eager to noe abt ur condition n location right now. Where did you go for your futher treament. Wish u all d best n wish to visit u.


mohammad khalil said...


Mas, masih membaca comment ini? Mahu telefon terus, tapi tak mahu menganggu..

Nak bertanya kalau2 Mas izinkan kami datang melawat.

Terima kasih,

Penolong SMSA kamu,
Mohammad Khalil Arshad (0167841704)

Bustamam said...

May Allah give you strength to go through the trials and make your feet firm to the ground.

I would like to share a lecture
Piece of the puzzle by Sheikh Yasir Qadhi.

Baraka Allahu fikum.

Anonymous said...


You're such an inspiration for all and your strength for this battle is amazing.
Thank you for sharing and please keep on writing.

May Allah swt make it easier for you and give you the strength.

JazakAllah Khair

Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum afzal,

saya melayari beberapa page facebook kawan2 saya, sebelum saya terjumpa dengan link saudara.

setelah habis menonton youtube saudara ( last speech ), saya tidak menyangka air mata yang mengalir dari pipi ini.

sesungguhnya, saudara telah menginsafkan saya tentang kenikmatan hidup dan betapa bertuahnya saya hidup tanpa sebarang penyakit.

hanya Allah s.w.t yang mampu memberi 'kenikmatan' sebenar pada saudara. dan saya sebagai seorang manusia yang tidak pernah sedar akan kenikmatan itu ingin mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih kepada saudara.

keinsafan yang saya lalui ini bagaikan satu rahmat.

semoga Allah memberkati kehidupan saudara sekeluarga di dunia dan akhirat. Insyallah.

**kita tidak pernah bersua muka, tapi insyallah dengan izinNya, satu hari nanti mungkin akan dipertemukan.

Anonymous said...


Kami doakn mas afzal d panjang kn umur..tabah m'hadapi segala dugaan hidup ni...mungkin kita x b'penah b'sua tp doa kami sentiasa mengiringi mas afzal...kami cuma mengenali mas melalui blog ni,tp setiap pe yg mas afzal tulis d blog ni menginsaf kn kami..thanx...kami harap mas afzal sentiasa inform ttg p'kembangan diri mas afzal,coz kami sentisa mengikuti blog mas afzal...mas jgn putus asa..ramai yg mendoakn mas afzal...CAYOK2!!..Salam...

Tengku Nurul Sa'adah said...

Assalmaualaikum Wbt..

Alhamdulillah akh afzal..baru-baru ni ana dah anjurkan solat hajat buat akh afzal.InysaAllah, MOga Allah mendengar doa-doa kami.

dan ana dh dapat maklumat mngenai ubat merawat sgala jenis kanser.. akh boleh cuba cari maklumat mengenai ubat " CRYPTOMONADELS" . ubat ni sudah diiktiraf oleh kerajaan Taiwan. dan terbukti memang berkesan dlm merawat kanser skalipun brada di tahap paling kritikal.

-pelajar mdarulquran,terengganu-

Anonymous said...

dis is my first time reading ur blog n it was suggested by my fren...to be honest, i'm so proud of u...all ur words in dis blog had helped me enough to know dat allah do hv reasons 4 everything dat happen to us...may allah bless you...and believe me miracle do happen.insyaalaah, u'll be fine.do no loose faith to him.

Mohammed Shahed said...

Dear Brother,

I am an Indian, working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I shall Insha Allah do an Umrah next Friday on your behalf.

Please pray for all the Ummah. Your prayers are very precious to Allah (SWT)and hope for all of us.

Keep thanking Allah (SWT) for all the blessings he has bestowed on you till you have the strength left on you no matter what may come to you.