Thursday, 11 February 2010

Looking Beyond the Mirror

In life, it is almost impossible to remain positive if you don't believe in the presence of hikmah (wisdom) in every occurrence. That everything that happens in life must have its own lesson, even though we sometimes fail to figure them out.

Even Allah's decision to create the world and human beings prompted question marks from His Angels. A world we see today, where bloodshed takes place on a daily basis, innocent people killed mercilessly, the poor becomes poorer whilst the rich scoops all the treasure available, to list a few. A world where evil seems to prevail over justice.

Not that the Angels are questioning their Creator's actions, rather are they interested to learn the hikmah (wisdom) behind His plannings. In the end, Allah reminded His Angels that sometimes there are things that even they can't comprehend, but only Him, the Ruler of the universe.

Allah says,

"...Did I not tell you that I know those truths about the Earth and the Heavens which are hidden from you? I know what you disclose and what you hide." [al-Baqarah:33]

Although our ability is limited in realizing the wisdom in everything that happens in our life, I believe it does not do harm to try and figure them out if they can keep us positive and optimistic in life. How many people out there, afflicted with so many trials and tribulations in their life, who are happier than other people with a generally more straight forward path in their life. Only because they know that there must be a reason why Allah has put them in such tests.

They know that in life, you can't just stop at the image that you see in the mirror in front of you. You have to look through it, beyond it, then only will you be content with whatever comes your way.

The mirror of life

My left hand is getting weaker and the muscles are starting to waste. The pain in my back isn't getting any better and it keeps me awake at night. Only Allah knows how uncomfortable I become when the itchiness flares up. But at least, I have possibly learnt a few good lessons from my test.

1. I need to get up more often for my Tahajjud and Quranic recitations. Never is my belief in the therapy of Tahajjud on curing a disease been any stronger than it is now.

2. I feel more humble and relying of Allah's assistance in my du'a. When I pray to Allah that He brings cure to me, I can feel my du'a coming deep from my heart, and not merely utterances of my lips. I am believing more strongly to His promises stated in the Holy Quran,

"And if My servants ask you, O Prophet. concerning Me, tell them that I am quite near to them. I hear and answer the prayer of the suppliant, when he calls to Me. So let them respond to My call and believe in Me. Convey this to them, O Prophet; perhaps they may be guided aright." [al-Baqarah:186]

3. My return to Malaysia means that I am finally spending deserved time with my family. Of the 5 siblings in the family, I am certainly the one with the least time with my family. Ever since I finished high school, I've been mostly away from my family due to my A-Level studies in KYUEM in Lembah Beringin, followed by my journey to the UK for my medical degree. Now, I get to see the face of my mom and her cookings every day. How am I sorely missing these moments.

So in the end, Allah is indeed the best in His plannings. You lose some, but you also gain some. And to everyone out there who sometimes feel that life is harsh on them, think again. Tell yourself,

"Thank you Allah, that you are putting me in such test, so that I can become a better servant of Yours."

Bersangka baiklah dengan Allah.


hani said...

ingin benar nak bertemu dgn afzal...

Johanna said...

Tuan doktor, tahukah anda bahawa banyak jiwa yang telah anda rawat?

Thanx to Allah untuk kelahiran anda yang teramat istimewa. Walaupun personally saya tidak kenal siapa Dr.Afzal tapi terasa dekatnya bila membaca coretan anda.

Sejak mengenali blog ini, tidak pernah lupa untuk saya panjatkan doa untuk kesejahteraan anda. Anda adalah seorang insan yang terlalu istimewa. Semoga Allah pelihara anda dalam setiap nafas yang anda hembuskan.

InsyaAllah, Allah Maha Mengetahui segala susuatu yang tidak ketahui..

Johanna said...

*Allah Maha Mengetahui segala sesuatu yang kita tidak ketahui..

Hehe~ terlepas perkataan "kita" kat atas tu & susuatu = sesuatu.. typo lak.. ;p

Al Fakir Abu 'Ammar said...

Salam Mas Afzal

In case you missed my earlier comment as there were to many in your previous posting, you might find this article interesting for your current condition.

You can reach me at my facebook as Kamarul Nordin if you need to deliberate further.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

salam. dr afzal, sy kagum dgn semangat dr yg kental dan tabah menghadapi dugaan ini. semoga dr akan sentiasa diberi ketenangan dlm melaluinya.ameen.
sekadar ingin berkongsi maklumat utk penyakit yg dr hadapi, dr pernah cuba mengubatinya melalui senaman chiqong? ada satu tempat chiqong yg menyediakan rawatan utk cancer patient. if dari federal highway, nampak armcorp mall sebelah kanan, terus masuk susur kiri/fly over kiri. terus je, sebelah kiri ada satu church, depan sebelah church ada satu building. dia ada letak banner, "zhineng chiqong". kat sini la tempat chiqong tu. sy pernah join dulu utk senaman kesihatan. ramai patient yg dtg buat rawatan melalui senaman menggunakan teknik
chiqong & dgn izin Allah, ada yg sembuh.

Anonymous said...

Allahu Allah. Thank YOU for this beautiful reminder Mas. A rescue when the spirit is down.

The hand might be getting weaker, but this one soul I know is getting stronger and stronger each day. May Allah help you through and through. Take care.

nhanunmr said...

sesungguhnya Allah sebaik2 tmpt kembali..=)
m0ga tiap inci kebaikan dan kesabaran kita diperhitungkan di alam sana,amin..

may Allah gives u the purest strength!..
and mama afzal..u're a great mom!
rabbuna ma'akum,iAllah..

Ahn Dee (Asyandi) said...

jazakallah akh. ur writing is just keep on reminding me in many ways and perspective of life.
keep on writing and inspiring people ya.. barakallahu fikum.. :)

IN-faz said...

begitu kagum ngan saudara mas afzal...walau sy x pernah mengenali saudara, tulisan saudara amat menyentuh hati dan mberi inspirasi...skrg sy dh jadi antara follower setia saudara...sering tnanti-nanti setiap n3 baru...

smg saudara mas afzal sentiasa kuat dengan dugaanNya...

Anonymous said...

afzal! doaku untuk kamu!!

Nor lidah Zainal Abidin said...

As Salamu Alaikum warahmatullah adik Mas Afzal,

My friend posted on her facebook about your story and your blog. I could not help but to go and read them. Sebak dan tersentuh sekali jiwa. Be strong ye adik.Allah teramat sayangkan kamu maka diberi ujian yang sebegini rupa kerana Dia maha tahu betapa kuat jiwa dan keimanan adik.

Buat keluarga adik Mas Afzal terutama ibu Mas, semoga Allah terus memberi kekuatan dan kesabaran. Beruntunglah Ibu, kerana mempunyai anak setabah ini, akan sejuklah perut ibu yang mangandungkanmu mempunyai anak yang seredha ini.

Semoga Allah memberimu dan keluarga yagn terbaik di dunia dan akhirat.
Teruskan blogging ni ya adik Mas sekiranya terdaya buat pengubat insan lain yang masih lemah jiwanya.

azs said...

MasyaAllah..Dr. Afzal, tulisan saudara sungguh menyentuh jiwa dan menginsafkan saya sebagai hamba Allah yang dhaif..semoga saudara terus menulis utk kebaikan sejagat..saya doakan Dr. Afzal sentiasa dibwh rahmatNya dan diberi kesembuhan dpd penyakit ini..Ammiin.

ayyash. said...

Assalamu3laikumwbt, Mas Afzal..

Saya baru terjumpa blog ni.
Tapi dah baca sampai habis, sebab nak tahu cerita dari awal..

Juga dah tengok video2 di you tube..

Apa yang boleh saya simpulkan,
anda antara butir mutiara di celah lautan pasir.

Moga Allah terus bagi anda kekuatan & ketabahan untuk menempuhi segala yang mendatang.
La yukallifu nafsan illa wus3aha..

DIA sentiasa tahu yang terbaik untuk kita (Baqarah : 216)

Semoga terus tabah!!!
Allah itu sangat suka mendengar rintihan hambaNya.
Berebut-rebutlah supaya Allah dengar rintihan kita :)

Ramai yang mendoakan.
Moga ada antara doa itu yang tak terhijab.

Wallahu Ta3la A3lam.
Wassalam WBT.

mawar said...

Assalamualaikum Mas Afzal,

Another silent reader of yours here.

Despite your pain and suffering, I can see clearly that you are chosen to be on a special journey to find Eternal Love. HE is definitely calling you to come near, very near indeed to HIM.
We are spiritual being being given a chance to experience a physical world, just for a short while, to be tested. You are now physically weak but your soul is getting stronger. Whatever HE has in store for you, it's really precious. After all He is The Most Loving, The Source of Peace. Trust Him, He knows what's best for all of us. Have a blessed life.

This video is for you and your mom.

Zaid said...

Alhamdulillah managed to visit Mas Afzal on Friday. Despite apparent tiredness and weakness, I thought he looked bright and still as smiley as he used to be. And alhamdulillah very positive. One thing that strikes me is that every encounter with Mas Afzal there'll always be something that I can learn from. How to be firm but diplomatic. How to convey your ideas while maintaining the rapport. How to say things. Subhanallah I've always admired Mas Afzal as someone who is firm inside but graceful outside. His words of encouragement motivated me to complete my final medical exam successfully. May Allah prolong his life so that he will benefit the people much more. amin.

sis said...

keep writing ya!~barakaallahu fik

Anonymous said...

thanks mas for your beautiful reminder :) you're such a blessing to us all..may Allah grant you and your family the strength and courage to go through this battle, for He only wants you to be closer to Him..please take care.

putri said...

Salam Dr,
Everytime I read and re-read your writing, it always bring tears to me..It's true that everythg that happens in this life has its own wisdom and having you in this world is to inspire ppl around you and those who don't even know you.You are such a great writer and your thoughts and feeling have touched so many hearts out there,dr!


Salam Afzal,

I've celebrated my 20 years anniversary since I was diagnosed to have Leukaemia which i underwent the Bone Marrow Transplant at Hammersmith Hospital London. At that time, Malaysia cant do BMT for adult.

Although it has been.. 20 years but the memory felt so new and reading your blog, brought me back to memory lane. I had a relapse during my final year university but have maintain an ecouraging phase since.

Keep blogging and continue to be positive. The best medicine for special people like us... is a healthy positive mind!!!

Do email me for perhaps a cup of coffee....

ina. said...

Semuga Allah merahmati Afzal dan keluarga.amin..apa lagi yg kita mahukan..selain reda ibu,bapa dan Allah kan..

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Mas, i have been following your blog for quite a while. I just want to say sorry for not visiting you while you were here, niat tu ada tp asyik busy je. Tak de rezeki maybe. InsyaALLAH kalau i blk September, I will come see you. You are always in my prayer dear friend and keep on writing, it surely makes me stronger and closer to ALLAH *in so many levels*. You are the strongest person i know and insyaALLAH you will miraculously recover from the disease. With all of your friends constant prayers/doa's for you.. nothing is impossible. Again, ALLAH has his own plans and you never know. You take care and keep smiling :D.

Anonymous said...



maybe you want to try radiotherapy for symptomatic relief of that left hand?

you never know when things you say or do may touch others in a way that will bring them closer to Allah.. so continue writing.

May Allah accept your deeds.


Anonymous said...


Keep on writing. I've been read

The Last Lecture. About Randy

Pausch,diagnosed terminal

pancreatic cancer.But I know that,

it is not same situation because

we are muslim and believe in ALLAH

's plan. Do write it in book too,

hopefully it can be motivate and

inspire to others insyaALLAH

May ALLAH Bless Us


Anonymous said...

Saya ada pernah mendengar ceramah Ustaz mengatakan bahawa setiap doa manusia itu akan ALLAH makbulkan, tetapi di dalam 3 bentuk ALLAH makbulkan.

1) ALLAH perkenankan ketika itu juga

2) ALLAH tidak perkenankan ketika itu tetapi ALLAH mengabulkannya di akhirat sana. ada pendapat mengatakan ALLAH tidak makbulkan kerana ALLAH mengetahui yang kita mohon itu bukan terbaik untuk kita ketika itu

3) ALLAH menukarkan permintaan kita dengan diselamatkan daripada musibah yang menimpa kita. kadar musibah itu sama dengan permintaan kita

hinggakan ada kisah di akhirat sana, ada seorang hamba ALLAH yang terkejut mendapat nikmat yang banyak. rupanya itu merupakan doa-doanya yang tidak ALLAH makbulkan di dunia dahulu

oleh itu, sentiasa bersangka baik dengan ALLAH dan banyak banyakkan berdoa kerana Setiap Doa kita akan ALLAH makbulkan cuma dengan 3 bentuk

オテモヤン said...
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Anonymous said...

Nabi SAW bersabda maksudnya tidak ada muslim yang ditimpakan kesusahan,kesakitan yang berlanjutan,kerisauan, kesedihan, kecederaan atau kekhuatiran ataupun oleh duri yang mencucuknya melainkan ALLAH akan menjadikannya ganti rugi bagi dosa-dosanya
(Riwayat Bukhari Muslim)

Anarif_88 said...


saya baru add mas semalam di fb, dan sy bersyukur bila mas approve sy.

Mas, seriously, i'm speechless, i dont know what to say, as most of them have been showered by others ever since u have this blog.

Mas, u r one in a million, as when ur life turned like this, He gives u the greatest gift which is the chance to get closer to Him, though with less time with u, until u-dont-know when..not many of us, in the same situation of yours, realize the reality of life and challenge like u do..not many, and i pity them..

u r lucky. the luckiest i've ever known.

i would be most grateful and thankful if u could reply me in FB, even with a only a word, so that i know, u r still here, with us, breathing proudly as one of HIS LUCKiest WORSHIPPERs.


Mujahadah Al-Knight said...

Assalamu'alaikum ya akhi...

I am touched reading your blog. You're so strong-willed and I'm impressed and awed by how confident you are in Allah's qada' and qadar and how you never blame Allah for your sickness. Rather you believe that there is wisdom in everything that happens. MasyaAllah, may Allah bless you in this world and the hereafter...

The fact that you're so istiqamah in your solat, whereas others would usually opt to avoid solat when they're a little ill, is very inspiring. May Allah cure you... Amiin ya rabbal 'alamin...

syaz123 said...

semoga terus kuat.teruskan memberi.teruskan menabur inspirasi.sangat malu pada mas.masih memberi biar sakit.sedang diri yang sihat badan,bermalas-malasan..

tetap tabah ya~

rhapsody LiN said...

lin pun pernah rasa perasaan bila kita yg paling least time with our family and bila sakit ni ada hikmah sebab i can have a longer time with my family.. antara 5 baradik, im the only one yg stay kat hostel since 13 yrs old. now im 20. dari form 1 until form 5. pastu masuk u. habis u lin kena fly g australia. bila lin disahkan sakit, i can't fly to australia to further my study. sedih giler.. ive past my exam, ive struggle for it and finally i can't continue my dream to study abroad. but i know He knows better.. ada hikmah di sebalik kejadian kan. hope, abg mas afzal cepat sembuh and lin teringin sangat nak melawat abg... selalu berdoa semoga ada jodoh untuk lin melawat abg mas afzal. u re my hero bro..

ok lah.. salam..