Thursday, 3 June 2010

Me, Myself and I

When I found out that one of the Malaysians on board in the Mavi Marmara ship was Jamuliddin Elias, it brought back memories of our encounter in Sheffield, United Kingdom back in 2005. He was on a tour to several places within the country, and when he was in Sheffield, stayed for a night in my room.

Uncle Jamuliddin, clad in black jacket.

Since he stayed overnight in my room, I had the opportunity to hear a lot of his personal experiences being involved in humanitarian work. Uncle Jamuliddin is one of the backbone of Yayasan Amal Malaysia, a non-governmental organisation heavily involved in numerous humanitarian work all over the world. His personal account of visiting places such as Acheh, Afghanistan and Kashmir, to name a few, all solely for humanitarian causes, highlighted a lot of the difficulties these people have to go through for the benefit of others. Yet, a struggle it might be, Uncle Jamuliddin still found all the hardships rewarding in the end.

His stories has never ceased to amaze and inspire me. His work meant that he spends less time with his family and loved ones. His work meant that sometimes his life is being put on the line just to save the lives of people he doesn't even know personally of. He is one out of the many respectable people who find their satisfaction in life by serving others.

I personally believe that the best thing one can do in life is to give. At present, we hear about unfortunate casualties in the Zionist attack on the Mavi Marmara ship, and mourn for the losses. Having heard how some people would risk their own life to help others, I wonder how can there still be people so mindless of the things around them.

People who couldn't care less to play even the smallest of part for someone else. People with the "me, myself and I" attitude.

The atrocities committed in Gaza is clear for everyone to see. Normal human beings reacted, doing their own bit to help the oppressed. Donating money, holding demonstrations against the Israeli government, boycotting products proven to fund ammunitions for the Israeli army, to name a few. Doing whatever one can possibly do within their ability to at least ease the deep wound of the Palestinians.

Yet, there are still people out there who don't give a damn. Even worse, questioning the effect of boycotting Starbucks. Or making ridicule of people who sacrificed some time demonstrating against the Zionist government. To these people, all I can say is, the world will never be a better place with people of your attitude!

From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.

Palestinians deserve a life, just like anyone else. One can never achieve personal fulfillment in life until (s)he starts to satisfy the needs of others. I am telling myself, and others, let's start asking, "What have I done for the Palestinians? What have I done for someone else?"

If you still need to find a reason to start giving, then watch this video and listen what the late Rachel Corrie has to say.

"We have got to understand, that they are us, we are them."

By Firdaus

Menjadi fitrah manusia hidup di dunia
Perlu sesama begitu adanya
Pabila duka mengusik indahnya suka
Dan seharusnya bangkitlah di jiwa

Rasa peduli menolong sesama
Bukan hanya bicara
Tindakan yang utama

Di sini kita dengan segala yang dipunya
Semuanya fana, titipan semata
Lihat mereka saudara kita di sana
Dalam nestapa di manakah cinta?

Rasa peduli menolong sesama
Bukan hanya bicara
Tindakan yang utama

Cuba rasakan setiap tangisan
Tak berhenti berharap akan huluran tangan
Memberi cinta dan harapan
Bersama kita melangkah kaki
Menuju dunia yang lebih indah

Pernahkah kita bayangkan jadi mereka
Belum tentu kan mampu, cuba sedari
Tanya diri sendiri
Apakah ada simpati


ieja_abu said...

salam bro afzal,
mas post the video at my facebook ye.just to share it with my friends.nice one.thanks!:)

rgds: mas aliza

adnin said...

nk share video dlm blog ni dlm fb.

shyasmin al-idros said...

Salam, Mas, for your uncle, Tuan Jamiluddin: "Barangsiapa sibuk memenuhi hak2 Allah dan hak teman2nya hingga melupakan hak dirinya, maka dia adalah pewaris Nabi S.A.W. (petikan dari Al-Hikam, Ibn 'Athaillah"


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salam.mintak izin utk share ur blog post with others at fb.jazakallahu khairan.

princess kacang said...

mintak izin share kat fb jugak :D

quoted-the best thing man can do in life is to give.

aini said...

a very good share..thank you ~

it reminds me a lot about 'give and take attitude'

na said...

salam masafzal

I'd like to raise awareness to my readers regarding boycotting of Starbucks on blog. - Many ppl I know are strongly against Israel but at the same time, they feel the "need" to have their weekly, if not daily, dose of Starbucks. this is really disappointing and I am strongly with you on this one.

I'd like to post a sentence from your entry and a link to your blog in one of my posts. :) thank u so much!

Mas Afzal Masarudin said...

All of you are more than welcomed to share my postings and its associated content. May Allah reward all of you for your kind efforts!

STargAzeR said...

asking permission to share your post as well mas afzal.. God bless you..