Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Is your trial tangible or not?

A kind friend of mine who visited me at my home about a month ago gave me a book entitled "Bila Allah Menduga Kita" (When Allah Tests Us) by Syed Alwi Alatas, a very eye-opening book about trials and tribulations in life.

A highly recommended book for all.

Having read the book, I sat down, pondered, and found out yet another blessing in disguise in my encounter with cancer. A blessing I find very exemplary of Allah's mercy to His creation.

In the Quran, Allah mentions in many verses about testing the Believers with deficiencies, such as being afflicted with illness and poverty.

We will surely put you to trial by involving you in fear and hunger and by causing loss of property, life and earnings. [Al-Baqarah:155]

These deficiencies in health and poverty are not meant to burden His servants, rather they serve as a mean to differentiate between those who sincerely are Believers and those who are merely liars.

Do the people think that they will be left alone after they have once said, "We have believed," and they will not be tested? [Al-Ankabut:2]

The fact is that we have put to test all those who have gone before them. Surely, Allah has to see who are the truthful and who the liars. [Al-Ankabut:3]

*When one becomes ill, he seeks for Allah's help. When one becomes poor, she strives to be closer to Allah.

*If previously one prays only his 5 obligatory prayers in a day, he now adds on the rawatib prayers and qiamullail.

*If previously one only recites a page of the Quran in a day, the pages recited now doubles and she adds the recitation of al-Mathurat on top of her daily Quranic readings.

*If previously one supplicates to Allah without even understanding the words muttered, he now makes the effort to know the mafhum (meaning) of the du'a recited.

These are how trials via the form of loss of health and wealth can turn people into. Allah gives them illness and poverty, somehow as a catalyst to turn them into more pious and thankful servants of Him.

In simple terms, illness, poverty, loss of lives are what I see as so-called 'tangible trials' by Allah. I believe that every human being is actually being put by Allah into their respective trials. Only that some people's trials are 'intangible'.

If I'm being honest, I am more afraid of these 'intangible trials'. What do I mean by 'intangible trials'?

Wealth. Good health. Fame.

These are the sort of things I see as the so-called 'intangible trials'. They are still trials by Allah, only that we can't feel the 'hardship' nature of the test.

**How many people out there who were once very pious, yet when they become rich, they turn their backs against Allah and claims that all their wealth are due to their own makings?!

**Or those who are never bothered to take care of their obligatory prayers just because they are never ill and therefore don't feel the need to ask from Allah?!

Man is such that when a little affliction touches him, he calls upon Us, and when We bestow Our favor on him, he says, "I have been given this because of my knowledge!" Nay, it is a trial, but most of them do not know. [Az-Zumar:49]

I remind myself firstly, and others. Let us not emulate the Pharaoh and Qarun. Arrogant and mindless of their God's presence when Allah puts them into the intangible trials of wealth and good health.

That is why I sometimes thank Allah again and again for putting me in such trial, a tangible trial, a trial that I hope should lead me towards becoming a better servant of Him.

And that, is the blessing in disguise.


rozitaramli said...

Thank you for reminding...me especially. Allah menduga kita dengan berbagai cara - kekayaan, kebahagiaan, pelajaran, anak, suami., etc. Sesungguhnya kita sangat lemah. Allah tidak pernah tinggalkan kita. Kita yang hanya lebih dekat pada dia ketika diduga. Semoga Allah sentiasa memberi kita petunjuk dan hidayah.
Take care

adzim said...

setiap kejadian ada hikmahnya, setiap dugaan menghapus kesalahan. perkongsian yang menarik. terima kasih atas ingatan dan nasihat yang baik.

areteak said...

thanks for sharing..
people always afraid of being in state of poverty, but not realize that actually the wealth is a greater trial from Him~

Mas Afzal said...

Our Prophet once said, one of the type of person we can be envy of is someone who is rich but yet persistently donates his money to those in need, day and night.

How can one not envy such quality?! Wealth can really derail us and therefore I only have nothing but admiration to people who succeed in their test of wealth.

joegrimjow said...

'tangible trials'


'intangible trials'

hope we can overcome all these with patient

Anonymous said...


Praying that you will always be in Allah's Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Salam Mas,

Ujian: I learned, I knew, I forgot, I read, I knew, I forgot again. And today I read again in your blog.

Alhamdulillah and Thank you Allah bagiku peluang untuk muhasabah diri semula.

Mas, keep reading and writing. May Allah bless you always.


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum mas, it has been a while since I last wrote. It feels good to know u are ok and still giving da'wah thru your brilliant writings. I am one of those who are being tested wth health, wealth and of course, my children. I am aware of all this but frankly it is difficult to be a humble Muslim wth all this around. There s always be desire to enjoy, show off etc, forgive me Allah. I m too, afraid if all this one day, wil be taken from me so I pray that Allah won't give up on me as I m trying hard to follow the right path. I perform prayers but not on time, I read Quran, but not everyday, I don't provide good religious education for my sons, I can always fast but often, I think of postponing it, I often wake up in the middle of the night but reluctant to perform tahajjud, I plan to perform dhuha but often will be so busy wth handling the kids... and many2 more

That s why I need someone like u to remind. I needs friends like u around so that I don't forget.. But not many around;(.. That s why I pray that you ll still be around many2 years from now mas.. U inspire people to be good, to keep striving to be a good servant of Allah. Take care dear brother.

Mas Afzal said...

Dear anonymous,

Thank you for sharing your personal circumstance. It's true that we should strive to increase our 'ibadah while we still have good health. But it is also important to remember that it is also better to practice deeds that can be done consistently although it may seem small.

I hope the wealth you possess can help you to become a closer servant of Allah. And that your children will be pious kids. Insha Allah.

May Allah make all your matters easy.

Anonymous said...

knowledge is also one of Allah's great intangible trial